Sponsored Sites Update | August 2015

      Welcome to another edition of Sponsored Sites Update! I have an important update for the month of September to mention before getting to our news on the regular sites, Lelu Love and Illustrated Interracial. This update comes from Red Leather Art about a brand new and exciting writing contest!

      This morning I received a message from the artist at Red Leather Art about a new Story Contest on his site, the details of which you can view through the link. This is his first-ever hosted contest, and I hope my viewers will be able to make it a successful venture for him.

      During the month of September, he will be holding a story writing contest in which the 1st place story selected by him will be drafted into a full 10-page 3D comic. Given his time and health constraints, valid stories will contain:

No more than two original characters
A one-page description of the characters (for accurate rendering in Poser)
Summary of the sexual scene involved (the main focus of his 10 panels)
An original short story of no more than five pages

      Send your total submission packages in a .RTF file and email to contests@redleatherart.comwhile including your email, the name on your entry, your website/tumblr/whatever you want to be mentioned, and the title of your submission. The deadline for submissions is October 7th, 2015. He may email you some questions for clarifications on your story, so keep an eye on the email you give.


      After all submissions are submitted, he will judge stories based on five areas: Characters, Sex Scenario, Short Story, Originality, and Synergy. Essentially stories that are both hot on paper and could translate well to a 3D comic will earn high points, and the story that earns the highest will be made into a comic!

      Keep in mind too that there are certain kinds of topics/characters that the artist particularly enjoys. He mentioned to me that he likes elves, dark skin, big tits, succubi, creampies, and other topics you see often in his work. He also enjoys pregnancy and impregnation topics, so I naturally hope that my readers will involve that in any story idea they end up submitting!

      This is a wonderful opportunity to have some of your naughty sexual fantasies come to life, and to help support an up and coming erotic artist. Be sure to check out the full contest details on Red Leather Art’s Contest Pageand the wonderful artwork he has on both his main site and Deviant Art Page. Finally, consider supporting his efforts through becoming his Patron on Patreon, whereby you can gain access to all of his growing collection of work.

      And let me know as a reply to this thread or through a private message if you end up submitting something for his contest. I’d love to know what sorts of stories I could soon be seeing in their full 3D glory!

      Shortly after mentioning it on the last update for Lelu’s site, the token payment for the next 5-minute movie went through. Our highest-voted scenario of Alien Abduction went through, and Lelu is currently preparing her props, ideas, and body to make us a delightful and naughty extraterrestrial show! I’ll be certain to post it to this blog when I see the final product. My tokens are currently near the halfway mark already again, so we’ll have another movie to look forward to in just a few more short months.

      In the meantime, check out some of Lelu’s recent work. I’ve been seeing more and more impregnation-themed films popping up on her site, and that is great for a breeding-minded guy like me.

      Interesting news from Fobbs over at Illustrated Interracial. I recently contacted him about two matters, the first being the manipulation stemming from the MirandaMorgan/SockPuppetEmpire characters who ruined the Illustrated Interracial forum for everyone else. More accurately it was the latter of the two who did that, but the former has been writing more and more on her stories Farm Girl and School Girl Sara, literally just stringing along new stories they want rendered into comics into them in order to exploit Fobb’s tendency to faithfully and fully draw a story to its conclusion.

      Well, there won’t be a conclusion to those stories. More weird, tangential stories will be shoved into both of them without care for plot relevancy or cohesion until Fobbs cuts the cord himself. And it seems Fobbs realized much of the same by the time I mentioned it to him.

      For now, more panels of Farm Girl are appearing. It could be simply that Fobbs worked ahead and had a stockpile of them to continue producing, or he is intending to cut off the story sometime in the near future. In either case, he plans on continuing his long-paused stories of Manza, Emptiness, and Flag Girls as well as tackle new projects. I personally look forward to it, and I think the majority of his actual fans are as well. While the artwork in every comic Fobbs produces is great and ever-improving, I want to see nuanced storylines rather than grotesque rape with little substance.

      The second notion I mention to Fobbs was Patreon. As everyone who has familiarized themselves with the site have seen, the work at Illustrated Interracial is poised well to benefit greatly from the system. Whether Fobbs could stand to make more from Patreon or by keeping his original system going has yet to be seen, but he said he would take a look at the model. It is an interesting thought to entertain at least!

Beggars Take My Wife

      The final bit of news to announce is the completion of his most recent work, Beggars Take My Wife. Written by Bhuralund, it is the story about a man losing his wife to nasty, black beggars. Starting at a party where his lovely wife acts like a good little cocktease, he narrowly avoids disaster and ends up injuring a group of three hobos. They manipulate the man’s wife into taking them in for the night and caring for them as they oogle her sexy body.

      Their foul bodies match their foul intentions as well. Not long after being taken in, the hobos set about seducing the man’s wife. It doesn’t take much to get the slutwife sucking their nasty cocks and taking their grimy cocks inside her unprotected pussy. Begging for their babies and coaxing each of their loads into and onto her body, the man’s wife sets a whole new lifestyle for the white couple, one that her husband eventually enjoys.

      This comic spans 14 panels, and runs along the same dirty, nasty sex theme as Emptiness does. There are ugly black hobos with rotting teeth and nasty bodies fucking a gorgeous white wife, and to some there will definitely be an appeal there! The artwork in many parts is just great, with awesome shots of the wife taking hard, thick dicks in each of her holes and begging to get knocked up.

      The big point of discretion that must be mentioned about this one is the fact that it has hard bisexual cuckolding themes. At about three-fourths through the story the husband has to ‘clean up’ the hobos after they’ve had their fun with his wife – a process that apparently made enough of Fobb’s fans flip out to cause him to alter the pictures containing those scenes. They were in just as much full detail before that point. Nonetheless Fobbs follows stories he adapts faithfully, and that was a key feature in Bhuralund’s work.

      Needless to say, that part isn’t what I enjoy about this work. The best parts are the beautifully detailed fucking sections between the man’s wife and the dirty men, particularly some of the shots Fobbs decided to take for those actions. Fans of Emptiness who can stomach a bit of (now censored) bisexual oral cuckoldry will really enjoy this one. If not, just skip over panels 11-13 and you’ll be fine.

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