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      After a torrid weekend together, Amelia's boyfriend Jason makes a strange request: For Amelia to cheat on him with her secret crush, Mark. Amelia can't help but agree to rendezvous with the hunky farm boy who has populated her dreams for weeks. But what begins as a threesome fantasy turns into the hottest, messiest, riskiest sex of Amelia's young life! What will she do when she finds herself at the mercy of two handsome, horny men - and how will she ever be able to tell which one knocked her up?

      Amelia's Second Boyfriend explores themes of unprotected teen sex, cuckoldry, menage a trois, double penetration, anal sex, oral sex, and impregnation. Lurid scenes and carnal moments tell the whole story as young woman's growing excitement turns from naughty fantasy to fertile reality. Those who enjoy hot, unprotected threesome stories cannot miss this one!


“He’s nobody, Jason. I just… like looking at his hard, muscled arms and –nnnahhh!” Jason seized her hips and slammed down hard, mashing her clit against his pelvis.

“I know what you’re thinking when you look at him, baby…” Jason panted, eyes ablaze as he stared down into Amelia’s guilty visage. “You want to fuck him, and he doesn't have a clue.”

“No! I’m not that kind of girl! I’d never cheat on you for some other guy,” Amelia made her defense as best she could as her boyfriend battered her pussy. Instead of slowing down, her boyfriend sped up. The past few times had been just like this, with him teasing her and getting turned on about her crush on Mark.

Mark just moved to their school during their Senior year from somewhere in the Midwest. Literally raised on a farm and built like he threw hay bales around for a living, the guy could have been a total brute. Instead he was very quiet and polite, even shy. Amelia had him in almost all of her classes, and her naughty daydreams featuring him had been the root cause of her recent bad test scores.

“I bet you think about him while getting off,” Jason continued thwacking the headboard against the wall, and poor Amelia’s pussy took the brunt of his heightening arousal. “Did you pet this tight pussy thinking about his big farmer dick?”

“I… I would nev – ahhhh! Y-yes! Yes I do!” Amelia couldn’t resist her boyfriend’s rough thrusts any longer. Last time he got this excited he broke the condom, and another baby scare was not something she was looking forward to.

“So? Why don’t you fuck him?” Jason jeered. Amelia tried to ignore her boyfriend’s green gleaming eyes beneath his shaggy black hair when he said that. His cock throbbed hard inside her, threatening to set her off at any moment.

“I can’t – that’s cheating! Oh Jason, I’m so close!”

“Cheating wouldn’t stop a slut from fucking him. Are you my slut, baby?”

“I’m your slut! Your dirty, cheating fuckslut! I want his farmboy cock so bad - Oh Jason!” Amelia moaned aloud and arched back. The dirty words had barely left her mouth before her resolve broke and her pussy clamped down like a vice around Jason’s member.

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