Authors and Artists of Breeding #2

      The more I get to explore the world of professional writing, the more I get to encounter other aspiring and successful artists out there. And taking a note from them, you may have noticed my Derren Grathy Newsletter has been set up! I encourage everyone to sign up to it, as the next story I publish is going to have a special offer only going out to those who are subscribers of it.

      Onto the authors and artists!

      First up we have Kassidia Pike. As a lover of passionate mating within short, juicy e-romances, Kassidia just so happens to greatly enjoy Impregnation Erotica as well! In particular she is a fan of the naughty roleplays I’ve posted – so I better post some more, eh?

      Kassidia has her own brand of naughty stories to tell, dark-haired pervert that she is. While she currently only has one breeding-centric story in Kindle Unlimited entitled What She Really Wants: A Fertile Love Story, she is very eager to write more. The topic naturally appeals to her desire to use hot, visceral language to embody primal mating lust – such as in an excerpt from that story where our innocent heroine discovers porn online for the first time:

It was electrifying, and when I found a video that showed the man grabbing the woman by the waist, and then by the hair, as he slammed into her from behind, my own arousal caught up to me.
I could feel every inch of my suddenly super-sensitive skin, my nipples taut under my small white tank top, the shorts I was wearing riding up the crest of my thighs to form a tight rope of fabric, slick with my arousal, wedged between the lips of my pussy.

I clicked through several more movies, the sounds and scenes burning into my fevered mind as I wondered what it would feel like to be filled like that, stretched like that. I’d had a couple short-term lovers, but they’d seemed inexperienced and kind of afraid. I certainly had more passion touching myself than any of them had given me, so when I saw the online videos I could feel the heat rising in my body now.

And I knew that I was ready.

      Currently Kassidia doesn’t have any permanently-free works available, but she does have the Kassidia Pike Newsletter which will inform users about upcoming stories and free editions. Keep an eye out for when she produces some more luscious breeding stories to add to her growing collection.

      In the naughty mind of Poppy Romero, the conflict between rational foresight and primal urges in the minds of her female characters plays center stage. Given the right man, a powerful man, her fertile characters almost always lose the fight to stay rational – and instead decide to get bred.

      Poppy Romero went to university for writing, but never considered publishing her naughty fantasies until after she graduated. Now she has written quite a few works from the female POV, the bulk of which don’t mention protection of any kind. Two stories in particular cover the interests of our fertile minds: Raunchy Rednecks about a small-town girl meeting the man who’ll take her out of there, and the three-part series Paybackwhere a fertile wife finds out her husband is cheating, and launches into an affair herself:

Luke slid his hand slowly up my thigh. I pushed him away, sighing. “I can’t. I have to…” His hand crept a little further up my leg, fingertips tickling the sensitive flesh at the inside of my hip. I bit my lip. “… I have to get ready for work.”

“On a Saturday?” He asked. “Call in sick.” He peeled the covers back a little, exposing his rippling stomach muscles. “You’re more than welcome to join me instead.”
Below the exquisite v-shape terminated in a slowly rising bulge in the sheets. I shook my head. He was absolutely incorrigible, and he knew it.

“I can’t, I… God I can’t believe any of this. I just need a little reality for a moment, OK?”

He lay back, his arms folding behind his head. “Suit yourself.”

I looked at him a moment longer, his perfect body laid back against the bed. My bed. I pictured those strong, broad arms wrapped around me last night and I shivered, a frisson of pleasure passing through me. Maybe they coulddo without me for a few days…

      Poppy did provide me with quite a few free resources for naughtiness in lieu of a perma-free work, the likes of which will no doubt grace Impregnation Erotica sometime in the near future. Her Tumblrpost details a wonderful way for people to find great smut on the site through unlocking the naughty-content lock. Worth reading up on if you ever intend to find tumblr smut well!

      An author with a big thing for the beauties of a fertilized woman, Cordova Skye writes what she loves to read: Impregnation, lactation, and belly worship. She reasons if she’s enjoying herself, other will too. In that case, I’m sure she has good company amongst my audience here!

      The stories contained within her Billionaire Breeding Club series are amongst her favorites, with entries such as Rachel’s Remedial Training and Grace’s Special Project to fill out her fertile series. In particular she loves her Kimberly’s Surprise Party, which begins with a sheltered virgin who winds up center in a wild, unprotected gangbang:

She staggered when he finally let her go, breathless and shaking. She wanted him to kiss her like that again, wanted his hands touching her in all the ways she’d been forbidden to touch herself, but instead he stepped back. “Get dressed,” he said. “You’ll remember your lessons better if you’ve had breakfast and a chance to wake up.”

Dully, Kimberly nodded. He had told her to get dressed before he kissed her, but where the prospect of being naked in front of him had been horribly embarrassing before, now she only wanted to entice him back into touching her. She reached up to take a blouse off its hanger, trying to stretch and show off her modest breasts as she did so. The blouse itself was flimsy and sheer white; it clung to her when she buttoned it, clearly outlining the hard, dark peaks of her nipples. A tight, short skirt followed, hugging her hips and short enough that one wrong move would reveal her lack of underwear.

Her mother would have said she looked like a whore. The cool air caressing the dampness on her bare thighs certainly made her feel like one.

Good, she thought, in a heady burst of defiance. She was tired of being a saint.

      Cordova offers multiple platforms for her book sales on her Publisher Site, and if her choice of cover material is any indication of her naughty work, then her catalog is very promising indeed. Signing up for the Cordova Skye Newslettermay also yield up some new releases and special deals for those interested.

      Eldrich abominations and alien monstrosities have rarely been so well-conceived in erotica as they are by MadScientist’s hand – or within the bellies of his beast-loving lady characters for that matter!

      I discovered MadScientist’s work years ago. Pieces of it have been floating about the internet, collecting in enthusiast galleries here and there. MadScientist has the most peculiar of breeding interests I’ve had the pleasure of encountering, and my god is it worth checking out!

      Lets start with the genesis of his interests. Madscientist’s favorite topic is a variation of the classic ‘Beauty and the Beast’ genre. But instead of some furry prince or frog-in-disguise, the beasts are Lovecraftian monstrosities. And they are bent on not only claiming willing human females, but fertilizing them with their eldritch seed. What was the nightmare of Lovecraft becomes a wet dream of bizarre scenes that often straddle the line between the horrifying and the endearing.

      MadScientist credits his interest from an early encounter with the poster for Galaxy of Terror. Something about the contrast between a barely-clothed beauty and a terrifying beast stuck in his mind. While the film itself was unremarkable save for a space-slug molestation scene, he soon discovered that the internet housed all sorts of naughty groups.

      It was there he found the Galaxy of Terror site, now called Monsters and Angels,  a gathering place for people to share similarly arousing video clips and stories about the topic. The sheltered life he’d led up to that point blew away at all the erotic topics of tentacles and space monsters banging willing and unwilling women alike.

      The gallery where people could upload their own monstrous breeding art caught his fascination, and that was where he got his vector art career started. A flash game artist named Vancereno played a great influence on MadScientist’s particular sort of ‘consentacle’ angle. While most tentacle/monster materials usually involved rape, MadScientist was attracted more to the idea of lovely women more or less willingly involving themselves with inter-dimensional creatures – even breeding with them.

      While the monsters are foul and twisted, the scenes he presents in his work are pedestrian. Almost common, save for the wild creatures that inseminate the human women involved. In his Project Pasiphae series, the aliens beings are actually the ones getting abducted by humans for experimentation. The pregnancies resulting from these inter-species unions drive the ‘weirdly normal’ aspect even harder, and I can assure you it is weird in a very good way!

      MadScientist words with vector art to create his pieces, and he talks about the process and methods on his Hentai Foundry Page. He’s amassed quite a following of avid fans, and for good reason. The art is spectacular in its detail and style, and for a breeding enthusiast like me it is a jackpot of really hot impregnation and birthing scenarios.

      I particularly like his ‘stat screen’ works showing the moments of insemination and conception, with alien sperm wriggling its way inside some sexy volunteer or scientist and impregnating her human egg with new eldritch abominations. The birth of new beasties from their tight pussies is definitely one of my favorites as well.

      Definitely give it a look - it’s well worth your visit. While MadScientist doesn’t yet have a Patreon page or the like, one can always look forward to him adding new works to his catalogs. If you like his stuff, please leave comments of support on his page too.

      Now I’m off to go enjoy some lovely Lovecraftian lovemaking. Until next time!

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