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      Well! I’ll try re-uploading the Lelu Love Alien Impregnation video here to see if that helps some of the users who had trouble seeing it before. I’m sorry that I don’t know what the issue is – perhaps a browser or plug-in thing?

      Anyway, the good news is that I actually just collected enough tokens for us to commission a new movie from Lelu Love! Yes indeed, we’ll be rolling in a whole Lelu getting knocked up library of work in no time. This time I thought I would bring back some of the runner-up ideas for people to vote on, plus add in two new ones:

Trickery BabyLelu’s wealthy lover always demands that they use condoms since he just doesn’t to get stuck paying child support. But Lelu has a naughty plan: Sabotage the condoms. She rigs them to break and then fucks her boyfriend. Like clockwork the condom shatters and he dumps a hot load inside her. Months later with her belly full of a trickery baby, they are breaking up over her slutty activities on the side when she reveals that he’s the baby’s father, and she’ll be enjoying sharing his checks with her other boyfriends!

Honeymoon BabymakingA sweet couple have just gotten married. They waited for marriage to have sex, and now it is their honeymoon. They’re excited, scared, but determined to make a baby - tonight. Lots of passionate words and sweet dialog focusing on how wonderful it will be to make a baby and so on. Show them months later, happily pregnant, and planning on taking another honeymoon after the first is born.

Not His Baby Lelu, visibly pregnant, welcomes her husband back from his military campaign, and into bed. She dismisses his flabbergasted questions about why she didn’t tell him the condom broke seven months ago on their last day together, and instead straddles him for a fuck. Her nightgown is taut over her growing belly, and as she rides she lets her husband know that she’s only five months along, that she’s been fucking every airman on base while he was gone, and that the baby definitely isn’t his.

Crazy Ex GirlfriendThere’s a knock at the door, and it’s Lelu. You two broke up because she was nuts! But now the little sex freak is at your door, revealing herself to be wearing the sluttiest lingerie beneath her long coat. And she’s hungry for bare, virile cock. The whole time she almost forces herself onto you she is raving about having your baby, that she wants you to make her a mommy, and she won’t take no for an answer! Once the deed is done, we see her four months later at your door again, rubbing her growing belly and saying she’ll have to be your girlfriend forever now.

      The place to vote will be on the right-side beneath the Newsletter Signup - which anyone interested in getting some of my premium books for free should sign up for while you’re looking over there. The vote will run for about a week this time, after which I will announce the winning scenario!

      Ahhh, the smell of sweet success. As I reported last time, Fobbs has escaped the endless comic trap of School/Farm Girl, and has been updating his previous works. How the sycophant whines and complains in the forum site he obsessively frequents! He even argues with himself as now all how accounts curse the site for being the ‘worst thing ever’ and so on. My god, how glorious the butt hurt is…

      I think this will be the last time I have to mention it here. My final parting words on the subject is that anyone who tries to bully and strong-arm an artist into making exactly what they want should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. People like that are the reason many artists will not interact with their overall fan bases to the extent that Fobbs does, and in their selfish zeal to get themselves some cheap commissioned work they ruin the experience for both artist and fans alike.

      Farewell, idiotic sycophant. May you never bother another artist again.

The New Parishioner

      Anyway, Fobbs has also begun working on a new comic. Called The New Parishioner by TheCryptKeeper, it is about a preacher’s wife named Melissa getting stalked and claimed by a sex-obsessed black man named Reggie. Preying on her good Samaritan nature, he drugs her and drags her off to his almost ritualistic act of debauchery.

      As a snowstorm rolls in and Reggie’s control grows over her, Melissa begins to succumb to the power of his primal fucking. As worries of unprotected sex and pregnancy thrill her night after night, she finds herself falling in love with someone other than her husband…

      The comic adaptation is just in its first few pages, but the story itself is just the kind of non-consent that I like in a fictional work! There is a great amount of reluctance and struggling, and that wonderful succumbing to the power of dick angle that I like so much. Obviously the high risk of babymaking is definitely a turn on, and something that will make the sex scenes therein extra hot!

      Plus Fobbs made an excellent non-interracial picture in celebration of this year’s Halloween. Reminded me a bit of my White Collar Werewolf story, though this one is a bit more violent. In any case it would be a terribly hot storyline for him to make, if he ever felt so inclined!

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