Sponsored Sites Update | September 2015

      I've been noticing lately that there are more and more impregnation-themed vidoes appearing on Lelu's site. I love it! Not only does that mean more practice for Lelu for making those kinds of films, but it naturally means we get to see the hottie moaning about babymaking sperm flooding her fertile pussy and womb.

      As for the Alien film we voted on before, I will be asking about it with Lelu. There was a quirk this time in how the video submission went through, so I imagine that it was simply lost in the shuffle - she has tons of the things to do after all! By the time we get it made I imagine it will almost be time for another movie to commission. How time flies when you are wanking off...

      In preparation for that, make sure to send in your ideas for the next movie so we could potentially vote on them. Remember that non-consent is off the table unfortunately, but anything involving risky sex and impregnation should be good to go. Plus, she's got that awesome pregnant belly prop to use, so I trust everyone will consider that in their suggestions.

      Last month was a joyous one indeed - at least for me and I think a fair number of the actual users of the site. After emailing Fobbs about the endless writing junk that was happening with the School/Farm Girl stories, he said he would start working on his on-hold stories again.

      For awhile it seemed like he was staying the course, but that apparently was him finishing posting what he had penned on those other stories. Then, like the opening of Willy Wonka's factory, there were more entries to Manza, Emptiness, Flag Girls, and No Words! I think the first posting on some of them shunted the stories ahead a fair bit - for instance, our heroine in Emptiness was just discovered by her husband, and in Manza we have Elizabeth making her fertile gambit to protect the plantation's slaves from running away - by offering her white womb to a black man's baby.

      From the 21st of September to the 10th of this month, the webmaster of Illustrated Interracial had some urgent personal matters to attend to which prevented updates - but things are back into a productive mode again. Meanwhile on the sycophant's forum site, the bugger is freaking out about the new production schedule. It delights me to see it. While I am not sure if Fobbs is going to wrap up the School/Farm Girl stories, I imagine he might. All I hope for is that that will be the end of that chapter in the site's history.

      Looking forward? I think Fobbs is well on his way to completing the stories he has taken up once more. I predict Emptiness is very close to finishing up, and this chapter of No Words appears to be heading towards its climax. Flag Girls is naturally a longer work from StormBringer, and Manza has all kinds of interesting elements that are being explored in it now, from the civil war looming to the impregnation gambit, that it could have a few more great chapters in store for us.

      As a small reminder from last time, the artist at RedLeatherArt has extended the deadline for his writing contest to the 8th of November. It's a rare and wonderful opportunity to not only have your work made into a 3D comic, but to freely commission the creation of two brand-new 3D models from an artist skilled in the craft. Go check it out!

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