Story RP | Breeding Suzy

      Right now, as I sit here editing a naughty story with images of pussies getting filled with virile spunk, all I want to do is plow into your tight, fertile cunt Suzy…

       Earlier today I played with another little sexy trollop, a married woman whom you have yet to meet. After I fucked her hot, tight holes and shunted every drop of my semen into her gasping mouth and adulterous puss, I still wanted to bend you over my bed and teach you about the full meaning of male desire.

       You know me well enough to know I get into these moods. Those times where I become nigh insatiable, my every thought bent on conquering sexy women and spreading my seed. I don't just want to fuck - I need to breed. And you, my dear Suzy, are going to be the one to slake my thirst next.

      I want to see your mouth tighten into a little O around my shaft. I want to feel your tongue slithering about my thick, throbbing member. I want to smell your arousal wafting up from your wet pussy like the whore I know you to be. I want to claim your every hole, paint your orifices with thick spunk, drench your very mind with my enslaving seed.

       You, my sexy bitch, are the one I want to fuck until I break your mind. I'll fuck you until you are dumb, until the bright mind I know and cherish is reduced to a nameless cumfreak, a giggling tramp who can't even remember her name because it's too hard to remember what it was. You’ll be a dirty little spunkbucket whose only use in this world is to catch my seed on every inch of her skin - a slutty mink whose only want in this world is to wrap her tight cunt around my jerking shaft and milk all the sperm from my balls.

      God, how I would ruin not just your mind, but your body as well. Fuck you deep into the night, the headboard pounding until the morning. Fucking you until you fall unconscious, dreaming such feverish dreams for those few moments of respite before my dicking awakened you anew. How I’ll train your cunt to squeeze with every hard shunt right against the entrance to your womb. Your cunt would be such a mess when I was done with you too - gaping wide like a well-used whore's, never to be as tight as it once was, and your greedy pussy lips glazed and dripping with all the seed I'd dumped into you.

       There would be no doubt that you would conceive my child sometime in the night, while my cock pounded at the gates of your femininity. Yes Suzy, I’d make you a mommy while calling you my whore, your little egg overwhelmed with an army of my sperm as you wailed like a slut for me to knock you up.

      How my adorable red-haired bimbo would look as her belly swelled over the months, all her college education and dreams worthless in the face of that taut, growing belly. Can you imagine the look people would give you as you walk down the street, your tight t-shirts slide up over that baby bump, your skirt far too short for a mother-to-be? They’d know you were just a cum-guzzling whore, too stupid to avoid getting herself knocked up. You'd have only two purposes left in this world, Suzy: To bear my children, and be my cum-addicted fuckslave.

      Never would a day pass without your pussy feeling the heat of my sperm, the stretch of my cock entering your body, or the writhing of my brood as you pushed them from your fertilized cunt. Your brain I will pickle with all the orgasms I would fuck into your pliant body. My leather collar will seize secure around your neck, a handle to hold onto as I breed my brood bitch time and again. And the seed of my balls that you crave so badly will christen your whorish body in torrents of white.

       Cum for me, my nasty little cumslut. Let your body show you how much you want this to happen to you, to be used and degraded down into a mere breeding bitch for a virile man's pleasure. Admit to yourself that you are nothing but a cocksleeve, a warm place for me to sheath my cock in and spill my warm seed. Embrace the fact that one day you will be kneeling at my feet, mouth open to receive my potent load all over your outstretched tongue and milky breasts - your hands caressing your swollen belly that shall never again know a day where it is left unfilled.

      It’s going to happen, Suzy. And soon.

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