Working on new projects ... and a free pic of Kara's new adventure

Hello folks!

Today I'm publishing a preview of a new free story with Kara as the main character ... there will be hypno, sex, futa-girls and a lot of cum...

The story title will be "Kara and the cum-cocktail"

The other projects I'm working on are:

Denise and the perfect milk (free) - with hypno, tranformation, hucows, breast expansion and milking
Planet Stiletto Part 4 - from Sissy to Mistress with TG, forced feminization, sissy, bondage, training and a lot of sex
A new free short story with a friend of mine, Melissa, as model and main character (for the first time it will be inspired to a real naughty story)

Now enjoy a pic from Kara's new adventure

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