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      Straightforward amateur fuckery, just as your old girlfriend used to make! In this unfortunately angled but charming doggystyle fucking, our cute heroine gets plowed from behind by her boyfriend – without protection. In the end he presses her to the bed and dumps his virile load into her.

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      Silent amateur films are not the best sort of fap material, but the idea of this one might be appealing. Apparently a boyfriend films his ecstatic girlfriend as she plays with her newest present – a black guy and his dick. After sucking him off for a bit he mounts her, fucks her pale pussy, and inseminates her. No condoms, no pill, no pulling out.

      This is another one of those lower-quality films that seem to be everywhere when one looks up ‘black breeding’. You know the ones with the camera guy with the distinct nasally voice – though thankfully he keeps quiet most of the time as the white slut moans and begs like a whore for her ‘Masters’ sperm’. She gets double-teamed and her pussy filled with African spunk, just like a black cock slut like her deserves.

      In this sample clip from Exploited College Girls, we have the cute Paige taking some dick bareback and without protection. Those who like the candid interview style of things will enjoy this one, as the action is all one-on-one and with charming little interviews. As for Paige, she says its okay for him to cum inside her, and only afterwards reveals her little secret – she’s actually not on any birth control… Whoops.

      Another teen makes it to the Casting Couch, and there she gets a little audition and a little spunk in her pussy. Not so good for an aspiring adult starlet to get knocked up before her first real shoot! But she’ll have to risk it as the agent tests out her holes and gives her fertile pussy a creamy filling. They drive to pick up some Plan B pills, but whether she takes them or not… Who knows?

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