The Rematch (Happy New Year!!!)

I've got a lot to say about this "mini" set and everything else in general. But I'll save that for another post which I'll probably make tomorrow and will probably be very long and nobody will read it. For now It's the 1st of January 2016 and it's currently approaching 11:00AM, thus I've had no sleep and am extremely tired at this point. Staying awake all year will do that to you ;). Sorry for the bad "New Years" puns that won't be relevant when you're probably reading this days or years in the future.

For now enjoy "The Rematch" The spiritual successor to this short, actual "Miniset" But this time the Giant is bigger and so is Sydney. Because bigger is better, is it not? Probably not, it can get quite silly for some people or be a real turn off. But If you're already here then you know what you're in for. Though I will say this set and the next to come out contains the biggest cocks for a while so get your fix while you can before we shrink things down to a still huge but not as silly size in Emily's Negotiation and OIL. But more on those later.

This set features a story which kicks off on the 11th image/page courtesy of the talented and amazing writer Camille Juteau who I'm also working on OIL with. This wouldn't be possible without her and the fantastic dialogue she has written for the characters so make sure to visit her blog and give her some love and support!

Now it's time to put on my sexy voice and pretend to know how to write an interesting and erotic synopsis...

"It's been a while since Sydney last encountered the Giant and his massive cock. In the time they've spent apart, each of them have "grown" in their own ways and are both willing and excited to test their respective improvements. But, getting in the way of their rematch is a sly imp with some magical powers that will push Sydney's body to it's limits and open up a whole new world for the young, voluptuous blonde. Featuring Sydney, the Giant, and the Imp in 43 images accompanied by written dialogue from erotic writer Camille Juteau."

Download 141.18 MB
Download Without Story/Dialogue 139.79 MB
View Online: Here (lower res)

NOTE: The download size is much bigger than previous sets because I'm releasing the images as virtually uncompressed .png's instead of .jpg's for the sake of quality. However, I don't see how this should be a problem for anyone.

 Hope you enjoy, and if you have any feedback or questions for me to answer in my upcoming blog post, then make sure to leave a comment as I'd be glad to read it.

~ Jimjim

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