Sponsored Sites Update | November/December 2015

      Happy New Year everyone! With the holidays all wound-down now, I am looking forward to 2016 and all the delightful projects I’ll be working on. This update comes quite a bit late, rolling in both November and December 2015, but there is a lot of exciting news to cover in those two months!

Lelu Love

      As usual, Lelu has been keeping up the good work. I’ve noticed that there are a few more movies with an impregnation, at least creampie, focus lately – I obviously like that! And the greenscreen has worked out nicely to give Lelu a bit more flexibility in what kinds of scenarios she can pull off. Not too many pornstars who go to those lengths to meet her client wishes.

      Well, progress has certainly been made on my favorite illustrated interracial comic site! After about a year of waiting for its resolution, Fobbs has completed his comic Emptiness. Following the naughty exploits of a lonely, horny housewife with a fetish for degradation, Emptiness has nearly every one of its pages dedicated to the nasty hotwife’s longing.

      I will say that the ending was pretty much totally to my liking. After her husband catches his naughty wife in the act, she gives him a choice – either he could divorce her, or he would accept her needs. In the end, he gives in. Wanting what is best for his wife, he watches as she indulges her dark habit.

      Eventually she gives him another, more final request: To watch as one of her homeless lovers impregnates her. It is a hot buildup and scene, and the story resolves itself as she gives birth to the first of her many mixed offspring, and wraps up years later as her family has grown considerably and her eldest white daughter, fully grown, brings home a black man of her own.

      While I might say that the ending was a little too abrupt for my tastes, I cannot say that the comic itself was not long enough. There’s plenty of hot action throughout this piece, which spans 105 full-color pages, so I doubt many would be left wanting for more. I’m glad that it is another impregnation story – my favorite from Illustrated Interracial - and those who really like degradation will enjoy this one!

      Aside from that project, it looks like Fobbs is making good progress on Flag Girls and Manza. His newest work The New Parishioner is getting to the good parts already, and it will be interesting to see what his vision of the story is. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot of great stuff to see on Illustrated Interracial right now, so check it out!

      I wanted to make a special note of Desperate Pleasures, the adult film company which JWTies operates. They recently have released the film adaptation of my story Emily’s Naughty Cousins for it winning The ImpregNation’s most recent story competition, and the preview they put out is shown below:

      It was a pleasure to write the story which the movie was based on, and I think it turned out rather well. There are tons of sex scenes to enjoy, it hits most of the moments in the story that I described, and they even have a nice little moment right at the beginning with Emily nicely pregnant – I always get a kick out of that!

      You can find it for purchase on the Desperate Pleasures website. It looks like it is a subscription model, though I am not too familiar with it. There’s many more films in there to enjoy of course, and I know that JWTies is one who very much likes impregnation storylines.

      Rastakax has been taking on new ventures! Aside from working on his 3D erotica and adding in quite a few new models (a new Bestiary is perhaps on the horizon? One can hope!), he has been trying his hand at drawing. Considering that he has previously no experience in the medium, I think he is doing an excellent job for a first-time drawing artist.

      I’ll be helping him copyedit his text as I did for his Bestiary. And I think I will be attempting to upload his Bestiary again so there will be a working link somewhere. I’ll keep everyone posted. Now in the meantime, enjoy some of the early pages of his first naughty Bestial Breed Comic!

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