Story RP | Short #01

      He ruts deep, like the beast he is. Driving far into your depths, his cock lurching with an eagerness only a virile male can display. His power, throbbing deep inside your belly like a second heartbeat, slams into you without relent. Hot and hard and smoothly stretching your tiny pussy out, his manhood claims you from your tender lips all the way to your unprotected cervix.

      Unprotected. That's right - you're not on the pill. Nothing separates your flesh from his. Your mouth opens and closes, unable to form the words. But you don't need to. The way your lips move, your eyes rolling and shutting as he stabs you with feral ecstasy, tells him all he needs to know. You want him. You want him to be inside you beyond just this night. Long after he pulls out, you want to feel his swimmers oozing out onto the bedsheets between your thighs. But even more than that, you want to feel his warm load sinking deep into its newest conquest. Your womb, fertile and inviting, holding the greatest prize of all.

      Your egg.

      Yes, beg him to knock you up. Cinch your legs around his waist and spur him on with your heels. Urge him to inseminate you deeply. There's no way he will pull out, not now, not the way he grunts and groans like a beast atop you. His balls once slapping your naked flesh now retract, readying to dump their potent load inside your bare womb. Yes! The way his cock strains and jerks, you swear you can feel it ramming against the mouth of your uterus - kissing your cervix with the full intent of marking it as his.

      Give into it. Say the words that will seal your fate. Gasp out those few syllables that will forever submit your body and soul to him. Do is as his hips rock and shake and his arms tighten with effort, burying his virile tool down to the root inside your fertile body. Say it as he howls and juts and spills his hot seed into you, painting your pretty pink white. Wail it as your own orgasm rushes in to receive his undeniable sperm, the sperm that will undoubtedly make you into a Mother for his child.

      "Yes! Cum in me. BREED ME!!"

      And so he did. And so he will – now and forever.

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