Looking for a writer

Hello there,

Last year i was looking for a writer, found one & start some projects ideas. Unfortunately his not able to handle it. I'm looking, again, for a writer. What i want it's give another dimension to my story, as you could see on my 4 previous project i like to tell a story & just not basically rough sex scenes (maybe i should do like this, less time consumer ^^), what i'm looking ?

- A good writer easy in english (yes it's better)
- Easy in making comics texts
- Keep the essence of my style
- Good reactivity: fast communication

- Same time line (GMT +1) or really near, better for fast communication
- Experience with CS (or other software editor) to make comic text
-  Already done some comic(s) story(ies)

Contact me via my mail.

Once my new writer found we will talk about ideas we could already have each other.

Here's 2 new renders, 1st one is my Night Elf reworked with this time long eyebrows & tweak a bit her head morph, the 2nd a pin-up shoot with Yennefer, been a while that i haven't done anything with her, enjoy!

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