Story Excerpt | Ashley's Dark Awakening Chapter 4

This is a work-in-progress still, and the chapter is not yet finished. Due to popular demand though, here's an excerpt from its beginning.

“Okay, that’s good. Now just lift up your shirt and relax.”

Doctor Alyson Graham squeezed a little dab of gel onto Ashley’s stomach. Even though it was warm she still jumped a little.

“Don’t worry, just relax,” Doctor Alyson smiled and began rubbing it gently over her skin, “Just think of it like a massage for you and the baby. You’ll both like it then.”

“Alright…” Ashley heard herself say far-off, watching the doctor’s hand running over her apparent belly bump in small circles.

“This must be your first, correct?” Ashley nodded, and she continued, “I could tell. I was just as jumpy as you when I was pregnant the first time. You must be about six months along now, right?”

“Y-yes…” Ashley glanced over at her doctor, a raven-haired woman at just about her own size. She hardly looked older than a college graduate, much less a mother. From what she could see of her figure beneath her light-blue uniform, Ashley knew motherhood hadn’t ravaged her body like the horror stories. The girl swallowed her nervousness and asked, “How many kids do you have?”

“Two boys,” She beamed and traced Ashley’s eyes to her own body and gave a little smile, “And the way I look now, my husband is definitely not going to be slowing down. So don’t worry – you’re young, so you’ll bounce right back into shape in no time after this little one is born. You’ll be just like before.”

“Just like before…”Ashley looked back down at her swollen belly. “How could I ever go back?” She knew she couldn’t. Before she was a good girl – never had sex, waiting for the right boy, and planning to marry only after college. But now she was pregnant from a man she hardly knew, a man who was happy to knock up her white body, a man whose baby would undoubtedly be as dark as him.

“Hehe, you should have seen how big I got…” Doctor Alyson continued, “I was probably twice your size by your time, and I still had four months to go!” Ashley nodded and tried to smile. All the sporting and exercise must have helped in keeping her own belly rather compact. The tight swell gradually built up like the round of an egg until it subsided just below her ribcage. Nevertheless, no amount of track and field could hide her tummy now. Looking down she could only barely see her toes poking up beyond her gravid midsection.

“Ahhh, there we go… Found you,” The doctor murmured, and Ashley felt a sudden jolt of panic as the doctor turned to her and said those fateful words:

“Ashley, would you like to see your baby?”

“I… Y-yes please…” Ashley managed in hardly a whisper.  Slowly the doctor rotated the monitor, and soon Ashley could see it clearly. The black-and-white screen shimmered and pulsed, an ultrasound that uncovered the reason why Ashley’s belly was swelling right then.

“Don’t worry if you can’t see, most new mothers can’t make out-”

“I can see,” The doctor must have seen the look on Ashley’s face, and fell quiet too. The fuzzy image gently swayed and moved, but Ashley could easily see the little body of her baby. Slightly curled and somewhat looking like an overgrown peanut, the fetus shifted a little as it responded to the cold touch of the ultrasound. “That’s… my baby?”

“Oh yes,” the doctor chuckled and smiled, “That’s your baby alright.”

“It’s so small though…” Ashley stared at the monitor, the tiny shape that hardly seemed larger than her fist was the reason her belly had grown so huge.

“They start off like that, but they get much bigger once you get towards your third trimester. Trust me,” the doctor rubbed her own stomach. “Would you like to know the gender of your baby?”

“I… Well, I uh…” It was all so real now. Ashley looked to the monitor, then to Doctor Alyson, and back again. “I’m not sure…”

“Some couples like to keep it a surprise, but sometimes curiosity gets the better of them. No surprise what happens then, right?”

“You’re telling me,” Ashley touched her belly lightly and watched her occupied womb shift ever so slightly. Curiosity getting the better of her got Ashley into this situation in the first place, when she simply couldn’t say no to Derren or his big black cock. She wondered how the gender would be the least o the surprise in store for everyone once she gave birth to his baby.

The doctor laughed and re-positioned the monitor, sliding the little tool over every inch of Ashley’s belly. “You’ll be coming for checkups often enough, so I’ll let you and the father think about it, alright?”

“Okay,” Ashley said. The image of Derren’s baby inside her had burned into her memory. She hadn’t seen his face since the night she told him she was pregnant. Still, almost every night when hormones got the better of her, she thought of him while soaking her panties with her frantic fingering.

The doctor pressed the tool against one side, and suddenly Ashley felt a pop inside her belly. Startled, she looked up at the doctor who simply beamed.

“A kick,” she said, “You have a very healthy baby, Ashley. Must take after daddy, hmmm?”

“Oh… a kick…” Like an official sign that life was growing inside her, the last length of confirmation settled into her chest. The baby – no, her black baby – was alive and well inside her pale belly. She nodded without thinking, and the doctor continued.

“Heh, I know how excited I was when I saw my little one’s when they came. They looked just like their father… Yours will too, you know.”

“God, I know…” Ashley looked down at her stomach, remembering how just half a year ago her virgin womb had never even felt a cock before. Now, five months later it was filling out nicely with an African man’s baby growing inside…

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