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Another month, another Freebie Giveaway! This round I am offering up the second story I ever professionally published for the feasting eyes of my blog's fans: Tami's Last Tease. Here is the official blurb.

Tami's Last Tease follows the story of Tami Anderson, a college girl obsessed with teasing. Confident in her abilities to charm any man into drooling for her, Tami bites off more than she can chew on Spring Break. Through a single spiked drink, Tami finds herself at the mercy of an evil older man - and the lusts of every boy she tempted that night...

This erotic story contains themes of teasing, drugging, hard non-consent, unprotected sex, bukkake, and fertile gangbanging. Whether you enjoy the making of a desperate sex addict or the cruel impregnation of a deserving girl, Tami's Last Tease is not to be missed!

This is a story that is termed, "Too Hot For Amazon" - a nice way to say that it has some really naughty themes in it. Tami, being the blueball-inducing cocktease that she is, runs into a man who isn't interested in what she promises, but what he can take from her.

One spiked drink later and he has her locked up in a beachside shack on some moldy mattress, ready to fuck the unprotected, soon-to-be slut whether she likes it or not. And when he's done filling her fertile snatch, he opens the door to anyone who'll take her. And the line for Tami's sweet little pussy stretches far indeed...

It was a fun non-consent story to write and a fair number of my readers have already had the chance to enjoy it. Other premium stories that might interest those who like this one should check out Taken by the Mafia and Tara's Breeding. And as always, if you enjoy my work, please leave me a rating and a review - that's the best kind of thanks I can get.

To get your free copy of Tami's Last Tease, go to the link, press 'Buy' in the upper-right corner, and enter in the code detailed below. This code will only work until April 26th, so don't wait long to enjoy it!
Code: YT39W

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