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 Light on story, heavy on good preggo sex. Laya just came back from the doctor, who said that in her advanced pregnancy it would not only be okay to have sex, but that it would be good to help her later go into labor. Hubby is terribly excited and gets right down to it! Naturally got some fun sex in it, but also some nice belly-fondling moments.

A naughty, already knocked-up girlfriend suggests to her baby-crazy friend that she could easily get knocked up by her stepdad – after all, he was the one who impregnated her a few months back! There’s some great enthusiasm from the pregnant girl, and naturally there is a ton of focus on impregnation here. Great stuff.

Spring Thomas made a fair number of raceplay impregnation scenarios, much in the same vein as Ruth Blackwell. After having a hard fuck and a deep creampie, she coyly tells her black lover that she wasn’t on the pill, and it was likely he just knocked her white pussy up.

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And speaking of Ruth, here’s another clip of her’s! More raceplay dirty talk elements of course in this preggo-fuck video, though I don’t think there is much in the way of cuckoldry here. Still she waxes on about getting knocked up by some black guy, needing African dick, and so on. Fun stuff for the interracial breeding lovers out there.

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Glorious, grainy amateur naughtiness between a sexy raven-haired lady and her man. The hottest part of the film comes a bit after the halfway mark as she’s riding him reverse-cowgirl. He tells her to stop, no doubt about to cum, and she simply works herself onto him even harder and milks the cum right out of him. Her guilt-pleasure lip biting right then is absolutely perfect.

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