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Those who follow my blog may be interested in a new Story Competition I am hosting over on The ImpregNation. One and all are encouraged to participate, whether it is to write your own story or vote for your favorite. I am working on getting a few little prizes put together to reward the top stories and to support fellow makers out there, so stay tuned to the Official Thread on The ImpregNation for further details.

Below are the details of the contest for those interested. Remember that membership on The ImpregNation is completely free and encouraged!

Stranded in Paradise! - Story Contest
Welcome fellow fertility fiends to the Spring 2016 Story Contest! It has been awhile since our last story-writing competition, so it is high time for another naughty challenge for our creative members. This month’s theme is…

Stranded in Paradise!

Just about everyone here has imagined what it would be like to get stranded on a tropical island. No rescue is in sight – just the sand beneath your feet, the palms swaying in the warm breeze, and the sexiest company imaginable. There’s not much else to do in paradise but to survive and fuck, and there’s no protection for hundreds of miles…

The possibilities are endless! Are there just two people stranded together, or an entire group forging a new society? Is the island totally deserted save for them, or are there mysterious natives that lust for exotic flesh? Is rescue going to come soon for our heroes, or will they have to build a new life in their personal Eden?

The only thing for sure is that there is going to be some major repopulation going on in the sun and sand! Beachside babymaking is a must, and we all know that when you’re stranded in paradise there is no such thing as birth control.

Contest Submission Guidelines

Your story submission must:
1.    Be an original story written for the contest that has never been posted on any other site before AND it cannot be reposted until AFTER the contest is over.
2.    Take place on a tropical island, separated from modern civilization.
3.    Contain at least one impregnation and at least one pregnancy.
4.    Comply with The ImpregNation’s Terms of Service. This includes (but not limited to) no minors, extreme violence, or snuff.
5.    Cannot depict members of the forum without their express consent.
Any questions about the content of your stories should be directed to the Administrator or a site Moderator.

To Be Announced…

Important Dates
•    Submissions are valid from April 2nd – April 30th at Midnight. All entrants must submit their story within these times for the story to be considered a valid entry.
•    Voting on submissions is from May 1st – May 8th. Everyone is invited and encouraged to read the submissions and vote on your favorite.
•    The winning story and any prizes for the top stories will be announced May 9th.

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