Authors and Artists of Breeding #3

Recently I have learned of a somewhat interesting trend in published erotica. Turns out that as trends of vampires and werewolves gave way to billionaires and werebears, we’ve also seen the rise of breeding erotica as a ‘hot new subject’. I’m not the sort who chases trends, so to me it feels like I’ve been sitting on a lovely beach for years, and now all of a sudden everyone is coming in and saying, “Damn! This beach is awesome!” Or rather in the case of breeding, “Holy shit! Unprotected sex is hot as hell!”

Welcome to the club, I say. And towards that end, my fellow breeding-beach dwellers, I’ve found some lovely authors who like me enjoy writing on the topic of impregnation. And yes, they are giving some of their premium works away for free for a limited time, so pay attention!

Looking for some hot, interspecies alien-on-woman breeding? Then look no further than Sierra Chambers!

Sierra loves writing about the young, lovely women encountering monstrous beasts from outer space that try their best to plant their xeno seed in them. Sometimes the women are quite willing to get knocked up, and other times Sierra’s heroines get so swept up in the extraterrestrial rut that they don’t know what happened until the thick seed starts dripping from her well-bred pussy. The sizzling naughtiness of strange and wild monsters getting overwhelmed with lust and shoving their thick, hot members into beautiful women with the sole intention of filling them with cum excites Sierra to no end.

In Alien Surrogacy 1: Mated to the Monster, a woman agrees to become a surrogate mother for an alien couple, and after traveling to their planet and getting marked and impregnated by powerful extraterrestrials she begins to enjoy being an Earthling breeding toy.

The Alien’s Army is one of Sierra’s most popular books, which follows a woman who crash-landed on a seemingly deserted planet. Soon she discovers the strange inhabitants of the planet – and they all want to fuck the fertile human! And after they do, she wanders about the planet, very aware of her growing midsection…

Departing from the celestial, The Queen and the Ogre tells the story of an inexperienced Queen whose lands are beset by terrible armies. Her only chance to save her people is to ally with the strongest army – the Ogres. But their warlord will agree to save her people on one condition: That he get to take her young, unprotected body as his.

While all of her stories are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and therefore free for members of that program to borrow at will, she occasionally makes free promotions through the Sierra Chambers Newsletter.

Furthermore! Because Sierra is such a nice author, she has agreed to put The Queen and the Ogre and another story entitled Taken by the Aliens 1 up on free promotion this weekend only! So if hot interspecies fuckfests press your buttons, just follow the links during the free promotion to pick up these works for free. And remember to let Sierra know how much you enjoyed her stories! Update: These stories will be on free promotion 8th-10th.

I have mentioned some of Derena Donna’s works in previous threads, but I’ll remind me viewers that Derena’s breeding interests focus around naughty spoiled brats who get taught hard and virile lessons by the man of the house. Horny step-daughters getting their virgin pussies stuffed with hard, bare Daddy dick – that’s the ticket for Derena Donna!

Recently Derena has come out with two Bundles of stories, which she wants to offer to readers for FREE!

The first is the Nubile Brats Bundle, including seven naughty stories about brats who realize that doing forbidden acts shouldn’t feel so good – but they do. Her second is entitled It’s All So Wrong But Feels So Good (Six Brats Who Want It All), where six lovely nymphs beg for taboo sex from their step-daddies and other forbidden men, who all want nothing more than to breed their sexy holes.

Both of these Bundles will be free for a limited time this weekend, so be sure to pick them up while you can! And if you like Derena’s work, be sure to check out more of her stories found in the Derena Donna Catalogue.

Now this author adores writing about smoking hot MILFs who are a bit reluctant, as well as some younger virgins who get to enjoy their first cock bare and unprotected. The apprehension, hesitation, and exhilarating plunge into risky sex drives Sylvia to write these stories, and it shows in the action presented.

Sylvia is graciously putting three stories up for free this weekend for everyone to enjoy. The first is Unprotected, where a serial-breeder Jack takes on the challenge of seducing a sweet and innocent girl named Sara into taking his cock bare. The second is Desperate Measures, where a broody Julie wants to start a family, but her husband is infertile – but that won’t stop the desperate housewife from trying unconventionally naughty things to get herself knocked up. Finally there is The Fertile Brat Pack, which follows the adventures of three college coeds tired of school – so the first one who can show a positive pregnancy test will win a life of leisure from their rich families!

Sylvia is happy to put each of these books up for free only this weekend, so be sure to pick them all up while you have the chance! And when you inevitably begin to crave more, be sure to check out the Nightwatch Publishing where you can find more sexy stories from Sylvia and more!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this opportunity for free works from thee great published authors doesn’t come around all too often. I know that I am definitely going to scoop up every single one of these stories and enjoy the hell out of them, and I hope all of you do too! You never know when you’ll stumble across a new favorite author, and by these few mere clicks of a mouse you can support the writing efforts of these authors tremendously.

Remember to leave feedback if you enjoy these stories, and above all else happy fapping!

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