Busy busy !!!

Hey there,

That's a really busy month, too much things to do: commissions, comic, Patreon, ... Better than have nothing to do you'll say, i'll be agree with you on this point!

Anyway, do not forget that my latest set has been released: Frightening Night , i'm not to afraid to say you that it's my worst sales ever ... :(
I have no idea why, maybe it has been badly introduced (?) (this is not a Witcher like, only the girl i use may have a link but that's all. She was an attempt to create a Yennefer like as she's hot as hell in the game) or maybe the girl ?  The release of the release of Virtual Lust ?
Between us i have never seen this quality in 3D animation, very very high quality, i haven't bought it as it's stuck at Android & i'm not attracted by this kind of stuff (soon as movie i know), just had a look through the trailer & over his website, that what i call skill (!!!).
Or maybe me ?

I would really appreciate any feedback of this set for the few who have bought it, do not forget that your support give us a real boost, i give you another preview of this set.

Patreon has been slowed by these "many" commissions, i hope to launch it soon. I'm currently working on an exclusive mini-set for Patreon only with Zoey, here's a preview.

Poll: someone asked me on Deviant Art why i have stop to use some of my old characters as Elfy & more. This intrigued me, i'm wondering how these characters could miss you. 2 choices, let's vote!

Why ? Simply because Genesis 2 & more Genesis 3 have so, so, so much improvements compared to V4, even G2 can't do the match with Genesis 3 (morphs corrections, etc, etc).
And to finish it 3feetwolf has done the best genitalia for Genesis2/3. What we could expect for the 4th genesis ? Included genitalia (this would be so worth) ?

Enjoy, have a good week!


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