Crying all tears of my body ^^


I've cried all tears of my body in seeing the result of the poll ... Ok, not really the truth ^^ but still it hurt me a bit, i've thought, wrongly, that you followed me for my technic/art more than for a specific girl (or my "ability" to make the girl i've already done).

Btw i have to reply to cut short any hope to see them back for many many many reasons, here are few: 
- The main one is the based model has been hugely improved between Victoria 4 & Genesis 3, so many times gain on morph, clothes fixing. 

- Genitalia has also been so much improved with the 3feetwolf genitalia compared to Lalibits.

- Iray render engine, for most of you (?) this isn't say you anything but for me yes. Iray settings include a "new" map which called "transparent map", this texture give the result that you can see over my renders (& others who use Iray too). 
The thing that you have to understand is all V4 skins textures have not this map & i don't have the idea on how to create it & don't want to spend time on how to create it.

- Morph choices, there's hundreds & hundreds dials which allow us to custom our characters.

- Someone talk about expression on G3 looks more something robotics than human compared to V4 where they were more realistic, well that he's point of view. That's another improvements done with Genesis 3, facial muscles have been improved to allow, again, more realistic expression (and yes i find them even more realistic than V4).
If you have a look over my very old works, you will notice that they smiles very very few times, as it wasn't perfect or "fit" to the morph.

- Body morph: my current body morph are more unrealistic than my old V4 oO ? ... Clearly not my thought but anyway it's a matter of taste. Technically my current body morph are more realistic in proportions: height, "weight", etc than my old V4.

Reasons are not that i couldn't used them, i've kept all save, it's just a technical reason, i don't want to work anymore with V4 (even Genesis 2 is far of G3)

Yes you could say that i'm a bit lazybones ^^, sure you're right! V4 is the past & i refuse to be chained on a specific girl.
In hindsight, i think i should never done this poll ^^ as i have any intention to get back on these models, i've made a bet that is i've lost :D.

I'm sorry for those of you who followed me for specific characters, i don't look on the past i prefer to see the future & imagine what it could be, without forgotten the past, i've spent good time with my V4 girls but now my good time is spent on my new G3 girls & it's even better as i reached even more realistic morph (body & face).

So yes i'm a bit sad that my G3 girls haven't won your heart :(, but no old girls will stay at their place.

Last words about my Patreon page i'm currently making enough stuff for the launch, in hope that you will be a lot to follow me here despite the lack of the presence of my old girls.
To finish, i can understand that some (a lot ? ^^) would prefer to see my old girls but that's not in my plan. I'm still happy, a bit, that some of view prefer my current work, i will still continue in this way even it means to lost some of view.
Expect to see more of Zoey soon ;), enjoy this.

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