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Another month, another Free Story Giveaway! I’ve been enjoying these, and believe it or not it does help my sales when my viewers pick up my books for free. If you would like to support me even more, leave some ratings and comments on the stories you happen to greatly enjoy and let others know when I am giving away some of my stuff for free. Might as well share the naughty love, right?

Today’s entry is one of my favorite early stories, Primal Ritual.

Sex. Fertility. Sacrifice. These are the tenants of an ancient fertility ritual that the chosen virgins Theia and Lykos must fulfill, the outcome of which will determine the fate of their village. Carnal erotic rites and fertile mysticism ignite unrestrained lusts beneath the midnight moon that will adorn the high heavens in their cries of feral ecstasy. Will their animalistic revelry please the all-powerful gods, or will they and their village be forever doomed?

Primal Ritual transports you into a world long lost where the gods once tread the land and humanity remembered their true primal origins. It contains mythological overtones, erotic mysticism, ancient fertility rituals, body art, first time, animalistic sex, and impregnation. Seeped in the imagery of ancient pagan cults and unrestrained sexual couplings, this story takes on an almost lyrical tone that will tantalize and enthrall those who enjoy mystical sex rituals and wild, primal mating.

This was my third short story published during a time when I didn’t have enough money to afford getting stock photos to turn into covers. After publishing it I had made enough to finally afford a bundle of those assets, and it was one of the best decisions I made! I think everyone can see the quality difference between the vector-drawn cover art here and my new-and-improved version that now is the main cover photo.

Primal Ritual is a small sexy exploration into an ancient, primitive setting. It has a sort of mythical tone throughout which I enjoyed writing at the time, and it would be the sort of setting I might like to write about again sometime. Sex rituals and erotic cults are one of my pet favorite topics that I don’t get to explore too often, so Primal Ritual was a bit of a love letter to that for me.

If the thought of sacred sex and voracious matings in the wilds tantalizes you, then do pick this one up. Primal Ritual will be free until June 18th, so pick up your copy today by going to the link, clicking the yellow ‘Buy’ button, and typing in the free code below.

Free Code: SG94B

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