Jen Commision and Redesign.

Hey Everyone,

I've been MIA again so apologies as usual. I've got a lot of things in the oven as usual Including Lara's Swim which is very close to being done as well as more progress updates on Emily's Negotiation, OIL, some commissions, and more.

But those are stories for another day, for now please enjoy this small commission I did a couple of weeks ago now that I've been too busy until now to post for you guys. This is the first part of the commission and there is a second part planned and on the way of about the same length.

As you can see in the test image above, this one involves Jen and Derek. But you'll probably notice something different about Jen's body. For this commission, the commissioner, requested a more petite version on Jen. Here are some more test images of her:

For the second part of the commission I actually redesigned Jen from scratch since I'd been meaning to update her to the genesis 2 model for ages so I could do more realistic penetrations. But that redesign is not shown in any of the images here and I'll post images of her redesign in a later post. For now enjoy the first part of the commission below:

Hope that you enjoyed that. Look forward to more blog posts soon.

P.S. Sorry to the Curvy/Huge boob/Monster lovers :P
More coming for you guys soon I promise.

~ Jim

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