Sites to Check Out #13

I think it is long overdue for another Sites to Check Out posting here. I love pointing out to my viewers where they can find more awesome impregnation and pregnancy porn, but I’m not the best at finding them myself. As always, if my viewers know of any sites they particularly like, leave a comment or send me an email at

One of my fans has been kind enough to tell me about his newest blog, Orc Dominion. Focused mainly on sword and sorcery with some great fantasy elements, it is being populated with naughty short stories, reviews, and more – all focused on fantastic impregnations and monstrous pregnancies.

It think it would do best to give my readers a taste of Orc Dominion’s writing. This excerpt is from ‘Hour of the Wolf’, and if you like it you know exactly where to go to see more!

“Ah!  Ah!  Mmmm!  Ooooh….Ah!”  Vanessa’s grunts became pleasured moans as she felt the beast try to tie with her.  Each slap of his knot on her labia sent waves of pleasure through her.  She found herself yearning to feel it stretch her even more.  Her hips pushed back against him and rolled down the shaft, screwing it inside her as she took it deeper.  As she approached new heights of pleasure, a dark realization began to creep through her.  How could she ever be with a man after this?  She was going to be forever tainted.  Even if a man would accept a woman that lay with a beast, would he be able to enjoy her ruined sex?  Would she?  “AAAAAAH!”

As the bitch convulsed in ecstasy while the climax rocked through her the beast gave a mighty howl and slammed forward, forcing his knot into her cunt.  Cum began to explode out from the tip of his bestial shaft, flooding Vanessa’s cunt with his hot seed.  Vile, demonic cum swam through her body, entering her fertile womb and seeking out eggs to fertilize. 

In the back of her mind Vanessa knew she was being impregnated.  Somehow she knew that even now her body was surrendering to the beast’s seed.  She felt instinctively that the magnificent beast mounting her was abundantly fertile, and would never fail to impregnate his bitch.  Vanessa’s climax raged all the longer, coming again and again, in wave after wave as she trembled beneath him.

Haramase Simulator
I don’t get to see nearly enough  erotic impregnation games being made, and most that do arise come out of Japan, un-translated in all its fertile goodness. But Haramase Simulator is different, as it is not only a game made originally in English, but it is also entirely focused around the idea of knocking up as many girls as you can!

The plot is fairly typical of your naughty dating sim game: You are one of the last remaining males left in society, and in order to continue the human race the government has given them a special card that, at the cost of a nominal fee, will give them total rights to sleep with and impregnate any woman of your choice!

This game is being actively developed by a team of enthusiasts from 4chan, and after playing it a few times I can say it is coming together very nicely. They don’t have a blog or site to host the updates or links yet, but for right now there are a few threads that have people talking about it with the developers. If you like dating sims and want to play a work-in-progress, take a look at the links below:

Now for a few Tumblr blogs I’ve stumbled across. These two are exactly what you would expect while looking for impregnation erotica – they have many photos, videos, gifs, picture captions, and micro-story captions for breeding enthusiasts to enjoy.

Browsing through the archives of these sites wouldn’t be the best way to experience them since the little story-captions would be truncated from those posts, and for the most part the pictures are made into impregnation porn by the stories attached to them! Still, they both have great pictures, so whatever floats your boat, you’ll find some great stuff there.

This is a blog made by YoungSpermDonor, who has gotten rather into cuckold breeding in terms of his personal life and as an erotic fixation. This blog has a particular emphasis on pregnant chicks, and naturally focuses on the married/cheating/cuckolding types of themes. There is some interracial cuckolding (kind of difficult to go too far into cuckoldry without running into those themes), but there is a diversity of themes around his site. If naughty hotwives getting knocked up by their lovers and making their husbands take care of the babies gets you randy, check it out!

Up The Snatch
Anyone here a birth fetishist? This lady is, and she absolutely loves giving birth to all kinds of things. Vegetables, sex toys, water balloons, dolls, wine bottles… If it could conceivably fit in a pussy, she’s probably thought about trying to give birth to it. In the past iterations of this blog she had quite a few videos of herself working all kinds of things into herself and then pushing them all out – it was rather mesmerizing!

To those who don’t know about the birthing fetish, for most people it isn’t so much about the baby popping up as it is about the stress, struggle, and agony of the birthing process itself. Much like how pregnancy fetishists like the look of pregnant women and thinking of them knocked up, that’s the same sort of logic behind birthing. This stuff is rather niche and obviously not everyone into impregnation and pregnancy would find the ‘end game’ particularly arousing, but to those who are curious should keep an eye out on this blog.

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