Zoey's summer (part 4)

Hello there,

Hardware news:
As you maybe heard it Nvidia as announced the new Titan => Titan X (pascal), weird name isn't it ? We are a lot to do not understand why they used the same name as the lastest Titan from the previous architecture, ununderstandable. Anyway, my old Titans have done their job to let the new gen take their place. I'm just waiting iray compatibility with CUDA 8.0 & also when Daz will implement it to the Daz software 4.9.x.

Heat is more mild, it allows me to render more & more especially the Zoey's Sensei set which will be available on my Patreon page for the launch.
About Patreon (!), if everything goes right i will launch it in September (maybe mid-end August if i go fast).

To finish here are some new pics of Zoey's holiday, enjoy!

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