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I think the title is pretty good on this one! This is a straight and simple amateur film with a sexy chick and her boyfriend, fucking like horny minks in college. Lots of blowjobs, riding, doggystyle, and hot moaning and groaning culminating in her begging him to cum inside her – which he happily obliges. This is the kind of sex I dream about having!

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Heh, that could be the title of a book of mine sometime in the future. Three pretty teenage fucksluts find three black guys to fuck at the same time. This is a clip of the overall film, but focuses on where the girls are riding reverse-cowgirl, begging for black loads to be sprayed deep inside them, and that’s exactly what they get one after another.

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A bit light on the storytelling, but it’s some decent fucking in any case. I do like the thought of an entitled john deciding to forgo using a condom with his whore and knocked her up despite her wishes. I guess you could project a bit of that kind of story onto this one, but honestly it is just straight-up fucking, sucking, and nutting.

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So Hydii May made quite a few interracial pregnancy videos awhile ago, and in this storyline she is going to therapy with a black councilor about how she is dealing with getting knocked up. The naughty slut went behind her boyfriend’s back to get pregnant from a black guy, and the councilor simply cannot miss the opportunity to use her white pussy for what it was made for – black cock.

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This is shot in a sort of amateur style, rather like Casting Couch and others like that. I think the girl is quite the cutie, and the fucking is pretty standard. The best part comes at the very end where the guy says he’s going to cum, pulls out to shoot a bit onto her mound, then immediately thrusts back in to dump the rest of his load inside her wet, fertile hole.

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