Lelu Love Movie Poll | Fan Ideas Edition

As announced in my latest Sponsored Sites Update, I have collected enough tokens on Lelu Love’s site to warrant making a new free film for us to enjoy. And this time I wanted to do a bit of crowdsourcing on what the movie should entail! So after receiving a few suggestions and fleshing them out a bit, I’ll give you the description for the three videos that all my viewers can vote on for Lelu to make. Lets get started!

Gloryhole Knock-Up 

The back room at the Naughty Shop has had Lelu terribly curious for weeks now, and finally she has worked up enough courage to visit the famed Gloryhole. The place is very seedy, and soon Lelu will be as well! As she steps in she is greeted by a strange man’s cock. What at first begins with a giggling handjob soon turns into a horny blowjob, until the poor little minx simply can’t help but drop her panties and give her pussy up to a complete stranger. But Lelu’s warnings to him about not cumming inside her are ignored, and as she cums he fills her unprotected pussy with a hot load of sperm. She flips out and hopes she doesn’t get pregnant, and leaves. The next time she comes in she is ravenously horny, and six months pregnant with her Gloryhole baby.

Lelu herself contacted me saying that she very much liked the idea of this one! She put a lot of hard work into building her gloryhole prop, and wants to get as much use out of it as she can. Plus I love the idea since I’ve been on a bit of a kick about gloryhole scenarios. 

Lesbian Girlfriend Babymaking

Your sister has been dating Lelu for quite some time when she comes up to you, desperate for a baby. Though she loves pussy and can’t get enough of your sister, Lelu has always wanted to have her baby. Since that isn’t possible, the closest she could get to having your sister’s baby is to have yours instead. At first she’s convinced that having sex with a man would be weird and unpleasant, but as she gets to explore your cock and gets her lesbian pussy filled with a real dick, she comes around in more ways than one! By the end she is begging for your seed as you spray it deep inside her, and months later she shows off her bulging baby bump, thankful to you and wondering if you’d be interested in a threesome sometime…?

Your Wife Bred By Your Boss

It’s been a long business trip and you’ve finally made it home. Your loving wife is waiting for you, wearing some sexy lingerie. At least, you thought she was waiting for you. Instead you find her in your bedroom awaiting another man – your boss. She is surprised to see you back so soon, but does her part to inform you that after five years of trying to have a baby, she can’t wait any longer. She needsto become a mother, and your boss was just so charming and handsome… He would make for a good bull to breed her. So now you can sit by the wayside and watch your loving wife make a baby with her new, virile lover. And after six months the situation has become more than just regular breedings – your boss now is the man of the house and your wife is very pregnant and adoring her new boyfriend. She decides that one baby just instead enough, but finances won’t be a worry – your boss is always willing to give you overtime after all! 

Those are the potential scenarios! Get sure to vote for your favorite in the poll on the right sidebar of the Impregnation Erotica Main Blog. You will have a month to vote, so make sure you make it count!

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