Luna & Divina & ...

Hey my friends,

2 weeks without any new content ... Time to put some new things :). Recently Divina has been released on Renderosity & just felt in love immediatly (!), probably the cutest Genesis 3 girl i've seen (i'm mean rough morph, without doing mixing, retouch some of the head morph things that i do mostly on almost all of my girls). But, as usual, the body that most 3D content creator do not disserve their beauty so i've made it by myself & pretty satisfy of the final result.
This will be about today: pics featuring "Divina" & some new of "Luna" (have to find proper name).

There's also 2 gifts to come => I was working, first, on a redhaired girl, i don't have one which satisfy me enough, especially with a particular skin texture. Anyway this will be for later.

Patreon still going in WIP & unfortunately the end of August has, again (!!!), a wave of heat (~36° for 4-5 days), so i'm not able to render currently as i would like, it's always when you can't that you want to do something, strange isn't it ^^ ? But, in september i have 2 weeks holiday this will let me enough days to finish, if it's not, & launch my page.

The last show you the upper body part of a new girl, asian girl, i'm particularily satisfy of her body morph, i let you judge it.

Enjoy these new girls & pics!

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