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The publishing world is interesting. The big piece of common advice one hears about pursuing their careers is, “Do what you have the greatest passion about!” In writing naughty stories however the predominant advice is, “Do whatever pays you the most!” Luckily I have a lot of passions, and it seems that some of them pay quite well enough, even if I am not min-maxing by writing solely what makes the most all the time. 

One topic that has been one of my good-but-not-best earners has been my Demi-Human stories. Monsters, demi-humans, werewolves, and so on populate some of my favorite fantasies, but as of right now they don’t do as well on the market as most other categories. Nonetheless I write what I like and have a story for, and to write things I didn’t like would defeat the whole purpose of me making a career out of a passion - At least in my opinion. 

So! One of my favorite stories to date has been White Collar Werewolf. Unlike many erotica stories that involve ‘Shifters’ (as the market terms them) where the monstrous male is some muscular Alpha in all walks of life and enamored with his innocent, dorky submissive heroine of the story, my protagonist is the disillusioned corporate slave Richard Underman – a sardonic grouser who is completely dominated by his brutal Alpha-female boss. At least while he’s human. Turns out Richard the pushover is also a werewolf, and the beast that he becomes is anything but meek – a total inversion of the beta male of Richard, the werewolf is determined to dominate the females in his life and release the tensions his human lets pile up inside him. Here’s the blurb about it: 

Richard Underman lives an average life - for a newly sired werewolf. He lives in a quiet neighborhood, drives an unreliable car, and works a soul-sucking corporate job under the stunning yet tyrannical Danielle Pennington. When overtime work traps him in the office on the night of a full moon with his gorgeous and fertile boss, Richard finds his situation becoming very furry – and fast.

Over ten-thousand words tell Richard’s wolfish tale in this first installment in the White Collar Werewolf series. Themes of werewolf transformation, dominance/submission reversals, naughty office setting, werewolf-on-human sex, knotting, and impregnation accompany this story, and will certainly appeal to those out there that like a rough and primal sexual adventure. 

There’s another difference between my portrayal of Shifter-sex than my peers: I don’t shy away from the werewolf fucking the hell out of his human quarry. Danielle Pennington gets mated to the snarling beast, taking its massive demi-human dick inside her till its canine-like knot makes escape impossible – and insemination inevitable. To me that’s just a given, and I am very willing to take the risk of writing my stories that way in order to provide what I think is the best and most likely story to my audience, despite the risk of some vendors censoring my work. 

Has White Collar Werewolf been a big commercial success as far as the rest of my catalog? Eh, not too big or too small. But do I enjoy the story enough to continue writing it? Naturally! This time I am offering the first installment of the budding series as a free-giveaway on Smashwords for one week, from August 22nd – August 29th. If you want to check out my take on werewolf-on-human sex, or just want a hot monster fuck session, go pick it up and check it out! 

And of course I thank everyone for supporting my work. It is wonderful that I can actually make a living for myself doing something that I love and that brings joy and entertainment to many others. If you end up enjoying the story please consider leaving a rating and a comment on what you liked about it on its sales page – that helps other readers figure out whether they might like the story or not and pleases me to no end. Follow the link, click on ‘Buy’ in the upper-right corner, and use the code below to pick up your copy of White Collar Werewolf for free: 

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