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Well! I am excited to say that we have some great updates from Lelu Love and Illustrated Interracial in this edition of Sponsored Site Updates. Lets get to them, shall we?

Lots of cool things have been happening over at Lelu Love’s site. Starting with the most relevant to us, the impregnation-themed video selected by the viewers here has finally been produced! It is a full 15-minute video featuring an excited newlywed wife urging her new husband to impregnate her on their first night together. Sweet talk, hand-holding, creamy insemination, and of course a nice baby bump at the end of the film! The best part is that I can share the whole thing with you, my avid viewers. Check it out:

Newlywed Impregnation Talk and Creampie

Now that is quite fun in my opinion, and great job to Lelu Love. She has had a great deal on her plate, lots of video requests lately, so it took awhile to get done. The good news about that however is that in the interim I have collected enough Hearts on her site to order ANOTHER full 15-minute video from her!

This time I want to get some ideas from my audience for a film they would like to see from her, and I will make a post and poll of it once I get enough ideas. Keep in mind that some ideas will have to be shortened, simplified, or expanded as need-be in order for Lelu to make a video of them. Towards that project, please leave your ideas in the comments below or send them to my email at DerrenGrathy@gmail.comso I can go through them and pick out the coolest ones.

In other news concerning Lelu Love, she has recently begun producing a free-to-listen podcast for her viewers where she talks candidly about behind-the-scenes bits of her productions, answers questions from the audience, and gives a naughty dirty-talk session in each episode. I’ve enjoyed listening to it – Lelu is a very charming and sweet woman, and I’ve always enjoyed hearing candid talk from sexy pornstars. You too can listen to her fun little episodes through the link below.

As a reminder to those who might not know about how Lelu Love’s site works, you can sign up as a monthly member to see her 2,000+ and growing library of naughty made-to-order videos. In addition you can order a video covering your kink/scenario-of-choice from Lelu whether you are a member or not (member videos have a large discount). She has gone plenty of great creampies – she’s not on birth control anymore either – and thanks to a fundraising event at The ImpregNation a few years ago she has a great pregnant-belly prop that looks GREAT in her films! I personally always have her use it if I can help it in the videos I request, hehe…

So if that tantalizing information interests you, and it should, check out her site and consider ordering a video from her and/or becoming a full member to her site.

Alright, now onto my favorite breeding-comic site, Illustrated Interracial. I’ve enjoyed covering this place so much that when you look up things like, ‘Interracial breeding comic’, ‘knocked up by black men’, and so on in Google, you can see images from my posts about this place. It’s great!

Regarding the drama of past-posts, I suppose I jumped the gun a bit. Shortly after my post Fobbs began to post more pages on the Farm Girl storyline. While this was a bit disappointing only because it takes the artist’s time and efforts away from his other original creations that I very much enjoy, Fobbs has still been producing his other works as well. Horray for that!

In particular I was very excited to see another installation of the Manza story, which I must say is taking an interesting turn. After Elizabeth’s relationship with Manza, one of her husband’s slaves, expands to include the rest of the slaves on the plantation, new developments unfold. The Civil War begins and as the master is en route he is attacked by a band of Union soldiers. We are currently on a cliffhanger where Manza will decide what he wants to do – either save his master or take the opportunity to flee his captivity.

Hands down, I enjoy the Manza plotline the most of any of Fobb’s current works. However he is still creating more entries on his other storylines. No Words has recently started up again, a comic that leaves the dialogue to your imagination and simply depicts naughty interracial breeding sessions of various scenarios. Flag Girls has had a few more entries over the spring and summer, as well as reaching towards the end of The Homeless Man’s New Wife, a storyline originally from Frog7 on Literotica.

To people unfamiliar with how Illustrated Interracial works, it is a site of interracial comics that has a particular artistic style and focus on impregnation. Fobbs, the artist, enjoys finding naughty storylines of interracial debauchery and ‘black breeding’ to turn into comics. When he finds a story he likes, he turns it into a comic. Production-wise he produces two pages about every 4-5 days (since he has other affairs to take care of too), and currently has a library of work spanning dozens of full-length naughty stories. Many of them have strong elements of impregnation – which is why I gush about it here – and he is willing to turn even fan-suggested stories into comics if they tickle his imagination just right.

Recently I started up a new forum called IllustratedIRFanson Reddit. Fobbs used to have a small forum, before a less than savory character began to use it to manipulate Fobbs to the detriment of his actual fans. The forum was closed due to in-fighting, and now the only place dedicated to talking about his work is a site set up by that self-same manipulator. Though Reddit isn’t my forum of choice, it would work so fans of Illustrated Interracial can talk about what they enjoy, what they would like to see, and perhaps even find some great stories to post there to entertain ourselves and Fobbs.

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