Short Story | Babymaking Siblings

A short-short story I wrote on the fly to give something to the blog while my computer parts slowly arrive. Enjoy! 


"It's about time a man fucks a baby into you, sis." 

That's what my big brother said as he ripped down my skirt from behind in the store's dressing room. 

"Stephen! I - I can't. I'm supposed to go to college and-"

 "You're coming with me when I leave," he growled. The kind, gentle boy that left for college four years ago was no more. In his place stood a fully grown man, confident in his abilities and intent on his lusts. Intent on me, his eighteen year old sister. 

When his hands snaked up beneath my loose t-shirt, I could barely suppress my squeal. Sure I had dreamed about this naughty moment for years. I even confided in my best friend how much I wanted my own brother to deflower me. In secret I had imagined my brother making love to me on beaches, in castles, or out in a romantic cabin. But never did I imagine my fantasies would come true in a shopping mall's tiny dressing room.

 "Stephen, we're family!" I hissed, but he ignored my protests. Instead his attention focused on my new bra. Without effort his fingers snapped it off and the lacy thing fell to the ground. My brother's hands replaced the soft cups, hotter and tighter-fitting than any clothing could be. My teenaged tits yielded beneath the pads of his fingers. I braced myself against the wall while he fondled me, sighing in my ear. 
"Oh little Sis. You've grown up. They're so ripe and ready for milking already..." 

His words raised the hairs all up and down my arms. How did he know I had a babymaking fetish? I'd never told anyone that! Yet here he was, my own brother, threatening my soft breasts with his intentions to fill them up with life-giving milk. I squirmed in his grasp, rubbing my ass against the hardness lurking in his pants. 

"Milk? But I am supposed to go to college - not make babies!" 

The lacy panties I was trying on before my brother came in barely protected me against his hardness. They were with my big brother in mind too - deep red with black lace, as if to invite in the male gaze and never let it go. Stephen knew it. One of his hands pinched my nipple and twisted hard. A pleasured-pain shot through me as I suppressed my yelp. Before my eyes had opened again I felt his belt and pants drop against my heels. 

"We shouldn't," I whispered, only to bit my lip as he pinched and tugged my other nipple in turn. 

"We should. I should have done this years ago, back when I would hear you moaning my name in your bedroom late at night. When you thought everyone was asleep..." Stephen's grin tickled my neck. I gasped, and not just at how hard my brother's steely cock prodded against my barely-covered slit. 

"Y-you heard!?" 

"Oh yes," Stephen sawed his cock along my folds. I couldn't help but get wet for my own brother. "I listened night after night, my cock in hand, imagining it really was plowing into my little sister's tight snatch. Her tight, hot, fertile snatch..." 

My bottom lip stung from how hard I bit down. He had heard me, moaning to myself so many nights, whimpering and begging my big brother to seed my horny little pussy. To put his incestuous baby into me. I never came harder to anything than imagining Stephen's spunk rocketed up inside me without a condom on. The way Stephen moved, pulling me tight against his hips so his naked shaft dragged between my unsure thighs, suggested he came with me all those nights. 

"Do you want your big brother's baby, sis?" 

"Ugghhnnn, Stephen... That - that was just-" 

"Dirty talk? You said it so earnestly though," Stephen ground along my slit relentlessly. How many girls had he bedded in college? How many women must have begged him to fuck their brains out? My breath fogged up the mirror in front of me. 

"I just... needed to cum. It was just fantasy dirty talk!" 

He moved so fluidly and confidently, like he had claimed a hundred pussies for his own. But now he was with me, grasping my tits one after another, wrapping his free arm around my waist, and kissing my ears as he whispered like a tried and true breeder. 

"Some fantasies are meant to be made real, Sis. And I don't talk dirty. I only say what I think, and what I intend to do. And right now..." He ripped down my panties in a single motion, so fast that the cold air against my rump threatened to freeze my soaked pussy. My brother's hot cock slapped against my pussy mercilessly, like a cudgel about to pummel it into submission. 

"I intend to fuck a baby into my dirty-talking little sister." 

I swear I almost came right there! My pussy fluttered along with the rest of my belly. I quivered in fear. I moaned in helpless submission. It was all I could do as my brother pushed me against the wall. With one hand he drew back my hips so my ass pointed right into his stomach, and with the other made sure his thick, drooling cockhead lined up with my hole. 

"W-wait!" I tried, my tits pressed against the mirror in front of me. "I'm not on anything. We can't!" 

"We are," Stephen growled, and thrust into my pussy. My squeal muffled against his palm as my own brother broke through my hymen in a single, ravenous stroke. He snarled behind me like a beast in rut, his hot breath cascades down the back of my neck while he tested the limits of my freshly deflowered hole. 

"Fuck..." he groaned, "I knew you were a virgin. You've been waiting for your big brother to fuck you all these years." 

It wasn't a question - not anymore. I nodded, squeezing back the surprised tear as he began. 

At first all I could feel was the sore tightness, the absolute strain my sibling's thick shaft forced so deeply into me. He would break me, I thought. My panicked mind reeled. My own brother was going to break my pussy with his bare cock! The deeper he went the more I was convinced I would never be tight again. But after a dozen strokes things changed. 

The pain of him stretching me melted into a growing sense of fullness. Satisfaction, coming like warm pulses that grew ever hotter, ebbed from my belly and into my chest. His masculine grunts in my ear whenever he shunted back in, burying another throbbing inch of himself into me, enraptured me. My brother sounded like a dog, raspy and determined to seed his bitch. 

The whole world melted away as he petted up and down my arched flanks and raked his teeth down my neck. By the time my brother's balls slapped my clit, it was already too late for me to hold back. 

"S-Stephennnn!" I managed to mewl out between his fingers before my orgasm ripped through me. My legs shook and threatened to give way as I came, my clit singing out while my brother's cock plowed in as deep as it could. His hands caught my falling hips and my breasts pealed down the cold glass. Nothing stopped my pussy juices from drenched both our thighs - I think I even squirted for him. I bit my lip hard to stop from getting our incestuous union discovered. 

"Did you cum nice and hard on your brother's cock?" Stephen asked. I nodded, eyes closed as I still savored it. He didn't wait for me to come down from my orgasm before he began again. In seconds my palms were bracing against the wall, desperate to hold onto anything as my brother began to pound me. 

I couldn't believe we hadn't gotten caught. My brother's hand over my mouth didn't stop the sounds of his hips slapping into my ass. The pelting blows snapped and echoed off the stark white walls, a staccato beat to accompany the rest of our lewd din. Every thrusts became sloppier as my pussy overflowed, his shaft smucking in and out of my deflowered pussy. I couldn't take it. I moaned into my brother's palm and came hard again for him, drenching his balls with my quim. 

"I'm going to cum inside you, sis." Stephen said. He buried his face into my neck to muffle his own feral groan before continuing an absolutely rabid beat. "You're coming to college with me with my baby kicking inside your belly." 

I almost howled as another orgasm swelled inside me. My brother broke me, body and mind. My pussy didn't want to give him up - my brother's cock belonged inside me! I arched and offered myself to my own brother as he threatened to knock me up. How could I resist making my ultimate fantasy a reality? I was his little sister after all! 

Our pleasure grew. My brother's breath grew ragged and coarse, his hands both grasping my hips to stop any chance of escape. My moans panted out alongside his. My words come out on their own. 

"Please fuck me, brother. I don't care about school anymore. Just pump your cum inside me," I said. My eyes rolled back as my brother's teeth bore down on the nape of my neck. I kept going as my womb tightened. 

"Oooh, please! Please shoot all of your sperm into me. Make me pregnant with my brother's baby!" 

"Your brother's baby?" Stephen groaned, slamming hard into me. 

"Yes!" My hushed voice took on a wild urgency - a need bigger than anything I'd ever felt before. "I want my big brother to fuck a baby into me! Nyahh!I'm going to cum - cum with me, big brother. I want to cum right when you knock me up!" 

"Here it comes," my big brother slammed in deep and groaned low, "Your brother's babymaking sperm!" 

"STEPHEN!" I shrieked as I felt the blast of his spunk shoot off inside me. Of course I came on the spot - my pussy gripped around his pulsing cock like an electrified vice, tugging out every rope of my sibling's sperm into my churning insides. I swear I could even feel the ropes hitting my cervix he came so hard! 

Neither one of us stopped moaning or jutting against one another for minutes, not until the two of us has sunk to the floor in a gasping, sweaty pile. By the time we both came down Stephen and I had made such a mess of the place. My clothes old and new laid strewn about me, our comingling juices dripping out from between our tight seal onto the carpet below.

Slumped against my back, my brother breathed in great puffs against my neck as I felt his victorious sperm streaming down my legs. I had no doubt my brother's little wigglers were going to find their mark inside me. 

"Stephen?" I asked softly. 

"Yeah, sis?" he replied. 

"Does your apartment have room for two?" 

"More. It has room for three..."

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