Working on a new comic series

Hello everyone!

I'm proud to show you the first promo pic of a new upcoming series I'm working on.

The series name is "Weird T Science" and it'll be more like a collection of self concluding single stories connected by a common sci-fi theme.

Obviously there will be a lot of sex, femdom, feminization and futa ...

The first story will be set up in a futuristic laboratory called "More Than Human" where a few young skilled engineers, under the supervision of a mysterious (and damn hot) woman named Maya M Schopenhauer, are developing ultra-realistic androids and advanced technologies to aid people in normal life activities.

But only a few selected customers can access the secret catalog of "Adult Cyber Toys", a line designed personally by Miss Maya for... adult entertainment. Take a look at this Sissy Cock Remote Control Cage... do you think you (or your Mistress) need one?

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