Blog Feedback | Fall 2016

It has been quite awhile since I last asked my viewers for some feedback, so what better time to ask than now? First, I'd like to say a few improvements that I've thought of and have started to implement.

Obviously getting back on my more regular schedule of posting is a big priority for me. I've reasoned that two postings a week has been working out pretty well, though that is mostly just to prevent myself from exhausting my collections too quickly. Knowing what my viewers think about the regular Monday/Friday postings versus a less rigorous schedule would be useful.

I've scaled back my Sponsored Sites Updates over the past year to be a (hopefully) more seasonal event, since sometimes it takes a few months for a lot of interesting developments to accrue. I'm definitely open to reaching out to new sites and sources of impregnation erotica, so if anyone knows any I should try to contact or simply check out let me know!

Another area of interest for me is off-site at, particularly about the story competitions. Since author contributions to them have generally been somewhat low, I haven't been too motivated to do much with it since the last one over a year ago. I'll probably put a poll up sometime to see if my viewers would like to see me host one of those again, and any suggestions on how to make sure that competition gets actual interest and participation would be greatly helpful.

Of all the posts here, the two most popular kinds are Captions and Stories. I've heard that this is because they are silent media viewable anywhere, which is something I hadn't considered before getting that feedback. I love making new captions, and since I've invested in the new Photoshop I have to put it to use somehow, right? And for the stories I recently had the idea to make a poll every month to coax me into writing a micro story on whatever topic my viewers most want to see. I liked the results last time with the short 'Daddy's Slut', and I wonder if my viewers are as excited about the concept of crowdsourced writing topics as I am.

Another poll I put up is about Patreon. I've been considering it for more than a year now, but being only an artist of words and collector of naughty things I haven't been sure if anyone would be interested in supporting my efforts through that. I had ideas for group-sourced commissions, lotteries for short-shorts, and coupons/free-passes to my premium stories among others if I would set something like that up. The question is whether something like that would be of interest to anyone at all? Honest feedback on that through the poll would be extremely helpful!

Finally, I am always looking for more content, and some of my viewers have been nice enough to send me their finds, works, and sites. I adore that and encourage it! If you have found something super-hot and you think it would be something appropriate for Impregnation Erotica, then send it to my email at While I do have schedules for when things go up and I cannot guarantee that I will put anything and everything up that is submitted to me, more often than not I do - and I always appreciate the kind efforts of my viewers.

That is what has been on my mind lately, but don't let my attention stop you from making suggestions otherwise! I welcome any and all constructive feedback that can help me improve my site. Praise is nice if you think this blog deserves it, but useful, honest feedback is the best of all. You can comment on my main blog at Impregnation Erotica Blogspot, on my Tumblr Mirror, or directly to my email at

I look forward to reading your comments, messages, and emails - take care and happy fapping!

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