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When a self-involved boss brags to one of his underlings with his trophy wife in tow, he doesn’t suspect that his cock-hungry wife would seduce her ‘new friend’. Fucking on their bed until they are both sweaty, moaning messes, he pumps her fertile pussy full of his spunk.

It’s a somewhat crass title for an otherwise pretty, romantic, and touchy-feely hardcore fucking. It reminds me of the sort of ‘girlfriend’ experience, at least when your girlfriend is hot and horny for a good roll in the sack. Naturally he gets her off a few times, especially when he pumps her pussy full from behind. Truly a gentleman!

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One of my favorite kinds of videos is the porn music video style, especially if it involves impregnation or at least the suggestion of it. This is such a movie. Covering interracial sex scenes and implying the delightful ‘black breeding’ idea throughout, it does pretty well for those looking for a light musical story in naughty clips.

This and the following movie were sent to me by a fan looking to share their finds. Thank you to them! I always enjoy seeing what others kind find around the web. This is more like an exhibition of a very pregnant nymph of a woman, she those who like to see those baby bumps big will definitely enjoy this girl!

And this one my kind provider said was one of his favorite dirty-talk videos. I’ve seen it around before, and the girl is quite the cutie! I for one certainly wouldn’t mind indulging that naughty schoolgirl on her fantasy and pump that tight blonde pussy full of spunk. All self-play, but she puts on a great show of it!

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