Breeding and Impregnation Comics #1

The Secret Mating Habits of the Batgirl

Told in documentary-style, this comic talks about the mating ritual of batgirl monsters. Like many monstergirls they are total cumsluts when in heat, and on top of that quite cute! Mizone's art style has a fun feature of little hearts as pupils when the girls are getting particularly horny or enthralled, and the humorous and sexy descriptions of these aerial girls desperate to get knocked up is certainly entertaining.

Milk Party! [Colorized]

How could I start a whole new comic-posting line on Impregnation Erotica without re-including Milk Party again? The answer is, I couldn't! This short story about a cowgirl - literal monstergirl cow that looks basically like a cute girl with little cow ears - getting bought and the horny MC deciding to fuck her. Silly, adorable, and really sexy, the sex is great and the ending is absolutely adorable. Now in color! 


Now this one is far less than cute. A very short comic depicting a fight between an amazonian warrior woman and a creepy 'evolved' Medusa. The beast prevails, paralyzing her sexy victim and fucking her with twin-cocks to impregnate her fertile womb. Our poor heroine cums hard for the last time in her life and then turns to stone, doomed to feed the beast's terrible offspring. Nothing graphic in terms of violence, but the detailed artwork showcases this viciously sexy scenario well.

Zettai Ninshin Meirei [Fate/Grand Order]

This one is set in the Fate series, but being unfamiliar with that setting all I know is that there is a cute magical woman who, despite her ardent will to do so, hasn't yet gotten pregnant by her master. In order to repopulate humanity, they must succeed! So another character suggests that instead of approaching it as dire necessity, instead they need one ingredient: love. Dawww's ensue among steamy, hardcore fucking, and most certainly she gets herself knocked up. Horray for humanity!

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