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Merry Christmas, my fellow fappers! This year's festivities have been particularly engaging, so I'll get straight to the point: To thank everyone here for reading and supporting my work, I'm getting back into the habit of giving away a few of my premium stories free for a limited time every so often.

This snowy season calls for the steamy action, and next on my list of freebie giveaways is the first chapter of my ongoing series, A Wife's Dark Revenge.

So this book was inspired by a short, incomplete comic by Fobbs over at Illustrated Interracial. Part of his 'Slut Breeding' series that had some of my favorite mini-stories he has yet penned, it was his fourth and final edition where a rich bitchy woman gets fucked in a dressing room by a thuggish wannabe rapper sort.

While the original story was only a handful of pages long and didn't have much in the way of plot, it sparked a whole scenario in my mind about who this woman Michelle was, and why such a prissy white woman would be even considering fucking a trashy black thug. A fun fantasy about a trophy wife whose prickly exterior and demands for pampering hid an inner desire to be used, abused, and dominated.

It has been fun writing. The lurid details grow ever more raunchy and involved as Michelle explores more and more of her dark obsession, and the formulation of how to take her revenge on her heedless husband for neglecting her needs all these years begins to surface as the thug uses her to fulfill his every nasty, risky desire.

Though it is one of my longer-standing stories so far and is like its original inspiration material incomplete, I recently finished up a rough draft of the next chapter, and there are two left before finishing it up. Due to the stress and business of the holidays I didn't have time to wrap up editing for this giveaway, but I'll be sure to up it up on here when I get it finished up.

Readers can get a free copy of A Wife's Dark Revenge Ch 1 on Smashwords from December 25th - January 1st. Follow the link, click on 'Buy' button in the upper-right, and fill out the code to get your free copy. If you happen to like it please consider leaving a review. I'll be writing like a fiend over this upcoming month, so stay tuned for more fertile editions to this blog and my premium catalogue!

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