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Impregnate Me Daddy

This girl would have me turned on just from her dirty talk, but what a cutie! In this our colorful-haired vixen is roleplaying talking with her father, begging and coaxing him to fuck her and knock her up. To be owned by her Daddy and his virile cock. Great fantasy material. I definitely have to write a Daddy-Daughter erotica sometime soon...

Young Couple in Mating - Insemination
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Another great work from SkyLiberty over on his XVideos Channel. This is another impregnation compilation that he makes, and I am envious of his searching capabilities to find these girls both before and after they've been knocked up. This has two great scenes of fucking, both the insemination and the fertile results. A great one for any impregnation enthusiast to watch!

Three White Girl Orgy
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Originally this is from a Blacked video that has three naughty white teens in schoolgirl outfits propositioning a group of black men for a fuck. Very straight forward fucking, with three creampies to enjoy in it. More fantasy fodder for me in particular too, since the idea of a sort of Queen Bee schoolgirl roping her friends into fucking some black strangers sounds like a fun story to write.

Talk Dirty and Beg for the Nut
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In the heat of the moment, I imagine just about anyone with a dirty-talking fetish will get to be just about how this amateur session went. The girl obviously loves dirty talking, begging for his cock, telling him she's not on birth control, asking him to knock her up with his black baby... As she gets fucked she gets hyper-repetitive, as can be expected, but I suppose that just speaks to the fun she was having.

Nualia - Darkness Attracts Darkness

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Some 3D videos are just delightful little things. This one, short as it is, is just one of those. A voluptuous, fertile-bodied dark elf wanders into a cave. Naturally the elf slut's appearance attracts a cave troll and, to the familiar music of Elder Scrolls cave music, fucks the hell out of her. It ends with her elvish womb getting so filled with spunk you see her inflate up! She'll definitely be bearing its foul brood after that.

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