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It has been too long since I’ve had a giveaway for my premium catalog! And so with great pleasure I present to any and all of my viewers a very fun coerced gangbang breeding story, Taken by the Mafia. Here is the official blurb:

Cathleen Mallory is the meek and loyal wife of a shopkeeper who unwittingly strays into the mafia’s territory. When Thomas refuses to pay protection money demanded by the mobster Alistair Finney, the gangster and his two associates demand Cathleen as part of their new price. Will Cathleen remain loyal to her loving husband, or will she discover the carnal delights that only dangerous men can provide?

Taken by the Mafia contains themes of coercion, cuckoldry, multiple partners, unprotected sex, and bukkake. Lovers of questionable consent, risky fertile sex, and the conversation of a meek wife into a lusty nymph will find Taken by the Mafia a story impossible to refuse.

Taken by the Mafiawas written originally as a roleplay idea which I liked so much I adapted into a complete story. Frankly it was my second or third attempt at a gangbang story after Tara’s Breeding, and it was delightful to write. Gangbangs are somewhat difficult to write since there are so many characters doing so many things all at once, but practicing how to portray it and exploring the nasty, naughty possibilities inherent in three dicks in one chick can bring is extremely satisfying!

If anyone liked the rough and tumble of Tara’s Breeding, they’ll feel this come along right beside it. My favorite image from this whole story is after the men have fucked Cathleen so much that she is sheened with sweat and spunk and Alistair slaps her husband’s money down onto her seeded, heaving belly and shunts his cock back into her unprotected hole. Pussy, bought and paid for as forgiveness for the mob’s debt.

It's a rough sex story that has a naughtily happy ending, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves forced gangbang sex with fertile risk play strewn throughout.

Taken by the Mafiawill be free until February 3rd. Just follow the link, click on the ‘Buy’ button in the upper-right, and put in the following code before that date to pick up your free copy. And remember to leave a rating and comment on its page if you want to see more like it.

Code: PW79M

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