Impregnation Videos | Pregnant Videos #51

This edition of impregnation videos is brought to you all by one of the fans of Impregnation Erotica! Thank you for the finds, kind viewer. I greatly enjoy seeing what others can find in these fertile online fields, and it's even better to be able to share it!

These are all some fun examples of Jerk-Off Instructions, or JOI. Basic setup is the girl talking to the camera as if talking with you, then gets a good fucking either in reality or conveniently slightly off-camera. These all have nice impregnation themes and, since they are all about scenario-building, there is some nice and nasty babymaking talk in there. Oh how I enjoy some good raunchy dirty talk, especially when its all about putting babies in slutty bellies and making their tits swell with milk...

If you have any great finds you'd like to share with me, send them to my email at

JOI Mommy is a Cum Depository

Impregnating Stepmother by Lady Fyre

JOI Impregnate Me!! Cum Hard in my Asian Pussy

Let's Make a Baby 

Oh You're Going to Cum In Me Or Else!

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