My life as a teenage stud - Family Reunion

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Part 1

Hi, my name is Tim Donehy, or as most of the women in my life call me, “the best fuck of my life”. Ever since I first fucked my mother with my huge cock and made her my devoted cumslave, I’ve been on a tear, claiming every woman around me. My sister Kate, her friends, her ex boyfriend’s mother and sister, my neighbors, I was like an unstoppable sexual force, pounding the needy pussy of every busty and beautiful woman I came into contact with using my giant cock.

And as my harem of beautiful big titted women dying to get my cock grew, so did my cock itself, going from big to utterly gigantic, hitting 22 inches as I hit 19. I’ve had it checked out by doctors and nurses - all of whom usually end up naked and demanding I fuck their pussies after they see that this monster prick is real - and apparently it's a new form of persistent testicular and penile gigantism affected by my state of mind, with my prick actually growing bigger the more I hear women praising it. With how often women will tell me my giant prick is the biggest on earth - though they are just telling the truth, after all - it's caused my cock to keep growing bigger and bigger. I’ve had to undergo hormonal treatment just to stop my cock from getting too impossibly big to ever fit in a woman.

It was coming up on Christmas, and I awoke spread eagle on my mother’s king size bed. We’d dispensed with the formality of sleeping separately some time ago, and now each night the three of us would spend the night in an intense orgy. I awoke hearing my mother downstairs, and my sister drawing a bath in the ensuite. Tempted as I was to join Kate in getting clean after the last nights filthy family fuck-fest, my dual needs of hunger and lust needed to both be sated in the kitchen.

Leaving sis to clean herself up from last night's marathon fuck session, I threw off the covers and grabbed my dressing gown. Yes, silly to put on a garment that would just as easily be discarded, but a man must keep up appearances, and I so loved teasing Angela, my mom, and making her beg me to fuck her just the way she loved.
I threw it on, tightening it at the waist. Fortunately, thinking of teasing my mom with an early morning fuck before breakfast had caused it to harden to a solid pillar of fuckmeat, almost bumping against my chest, meaning I could close my gown easily.
Heading downstairs, I spied my mom wearing her favourite nightie. I loved the way she looked in this thing. Designed for a far differently proportioned woman than my mother, he nightie, far from hiding her figure, only served to accentuate how sexy she truly was. The fabric was stretched tight over my mother’s R-cup tits, the luscious, perfectly tanned orbs long having stretched the garments neckline out, out, out, until it eventually just ended up proving me with a deep view of her cleavage. All this had led to the fabric riding high, showing off my mom’s toned legs and thighs, with the garment hanging just over her bare, dripping cuntlips and giving a great view of her bubble butt.
Of course, right now my mom's beauty was spoiled by the look of worry on her face, as she carried on a deep conversation on the phone - so deep, she only barely acknowledged I had entered. I could only catch half of it, but it didn't sound very important.
As the conversation kept going, though, I had a wicked idea. If my mom was so engrossed in her conversation on the phone, it might be fun to remind her of her surroundings - namely me and my big fat cock. It'd be even more fun to see if she could manage to keep the people on the other line from catching on with what we were doing. My cock was throbbing just at the thought of it.....
With my mom barely noticing, I got up behind her, acting as if I nonchalantly wanted some breakfast. When she turned her back on me, though, I expertly slid my hands around and to her tits, massaging her nipples in the way I know she loves. She let out a loud combination gasp and groan right into the receiver, before she was able to put her hand over the receiver.
"Timmy, what are you doing? We can't right now, I'm on the phone."
"C'mon, Mom, doesn't it feel good?"
"Well, of course it does, but I-"
" And don't you think this," I interrupted her, opening my robe to reveal my rock hard cock "would feel even better?"
She stared in awe at my cock. She knew right away that she couldn't resist my schlong. She took her hand away from the receiver. "Diana, I'm going to have to call you-"
Now it way my turn to put my hand in front of the receiver. "No, Mom, you have to finish your call. Otherwise this all goes to Kate today."
The look of realization on my mother's face was clear - she understood what I intended to do, and worse, she knew she was powerless to stop it. "Just go slow."
"We'll see" I said with a wink. I removed my hand from the receiver, and grabbed her waist. My mom let out a small gasp as I lifted her, her weight barely putting any strain on my muscles. I held her just over my cunt crushing monsters pulsating head, and nodded for her to continue her conversation. I could feel her juices flowing from her cunt, lubricating her to accommodate my fuckstick.
"Well, Holly, I know what you're saying, but I just don't seeEEEEEEEEEEEE-" She squealed with pleasure as I quickly impaled her on a third of my gigantic monstercock in one quick thrust. Her silky cunt walls hugging me, trying to squeeze down on my monster rod. I could feel her cunt flooding as she came just from me entering her. She panted and puffed, trying to regain her composure.
"Yes, sorry about that, I just slipped and fell. Yes, I understand"
My mom’s composure was amazing, considering she had 7 inches of forearm-thick fuckpole inside her. I decided to have a bit more fun with her. Holding her delicate waist, I began pumping her up and down on my cock. Her slick womanhood quivered as I ploughed into her, again and again, mercilessly. Her orgasms came hard and fast, as I picked up the pace, jackhammering into her sweet cunt, using her as little more than a cock sleeve for my intense tool - and I knew she loved it.
All mom could do was bite her hand to keep from crying out from extreme pleasure into the phone, talking with just whimpering moans. Her orgasms got faster and harder, till my immense tool had her in a state of constant orgasm, her brain being wracked by constant pleasure. Still, she managed to not cry out into the phone.
After 5 minutes of this, I decided to push her over her personal limit. I moved my hands from her slim waist, to her full cushy bubble butt. Her cheeks in my hands, I pressed one of my fingers, still bigger than a normal man's cock, against her butthole, and pushed.
The feeling of my colossal pole in her womanhood, and my finger inside her ass, sent her into even higher levels of pleasure. The dam broke, and she could no longer restrain herself. She screamed out in orgasm like a woman possessed, dropped the phone, and collapsed into my arms.
I picked up the phone, and without missing a beat, told me that my mother was on top of something huge around the house right now, and needed to call them back. And I hung up.
I pulled my mother off my cock, and laid her on the couch, the effort barely even registering on my muscles. When she had finally regained her strength, she reached out to my still rock-hard erection wanking the flesh tube up and down, almost mesmerized by it. It felt nice, but my curiosity got the better of me, so I cleared my throat. "So what was that all about?"
"Oh…" My mother looked me in the eyes and blushed, but kept stroking my pole. "Jeffrey left your aunt Holly, so she's coming to stay with us for a while to get over it. The girls are coming with her. They'll be staying in your sister's room, and your aunt will be in your room, so you'll need to take the couch"
The news hit me so hard, my cock actually went limp in my mother's hands. My aunt was my mother's twin sister, and almost her exact opposite in every way. While my mother was a fun loving woman who was open and experimental, I knew my aunt was a strict religious woman. My mother told me that despite being just as hot, she never dated anyone all through high school and college. The first guy she had dated, she married - a dumpy accountant. They'd had triplets the same age as my sister, but evidently he wasn’t up to the task as they didn’t have any other kids.
I knew that if she was living with us, she would be unlikely to let our family continue our intense sexual love. Worse, while her and my mother's personalities were different, I had seen from photos that my aunt had a body like a living wet dream, her impressive rack and juicy ass still evident even under heavy clothing, and her pouty full lips and gorgeous eyes still evident without makeup.
And her three daughters had developed into living pinup fantasies, with matching pairs of enormous tits and spectacular asses. It had been years since I had seen them, but I'd still seen pics of how they developed. Meaning I would be living in a house with six absolutely stunning examples of womanhood, all begging to be fucked by the biggest, hardest cock in the world, and to feel the most orgasmic pleasure any woman had ever known, without being able to touch any of them. I pleaded with my Mom to see if we could just get her a hotel.
"I'm sorry, Timmy, but she is still my sister, and she needs us. We'll just have to make do."
In the week since, I tried to get a month's worth of sex out of my system, to the point that an hour seldom passed where I wasn’t buried inside my sister or my mother's pussy, or getting a glorious double titfuck and blowjob from the pair. When they got tired, Mayu, my delightful little Japanese cuckoldress, and Gwen and Faye, the mother daughter pair of sluts who lived across the street, were all eager to come over and feel my overactive cock pound them endlessly.

But my body betrayed me. Far from getting the sex out of my system, my overactive cumpipe and sperm factories were gearing up, not giving up. As the dreaded date grew closer, I could have sex all day and would be raring to fuck all night long. In desperation, I called all of Kates friends, my nurses, my three gym sluts, and my English teacher Mrs. Harrison to join us for a delicious 2 day long orgy of sucking and fucking, but after all of this, I was still rock hard at the end of it. Being a teenage god of cock could sometimes have its disadvantages.

With sex not providing the answer, I turned to exercise. I was like a machine, in the gym pumping iron at nearly all hours. I pushed myself further than I ever thought possible, until I was able to lift 2000 pounds above my head easily. My harem were cheering with delight at I showed off my superhuman strength. But it was all for less than nought - far from burning it off, all that testosterone and pure primal power was driving my sex drive even further, to the point I could be fucking my mother senseless and still feel pent up if I didn’t have another few of my harem licking my balls while I did so.

And all too soon, the day arrived. A week later, we drove to the airport to pick her and her daughters up. After a half hour of waiting, we saw them coming out of customs

The three of us waited by the exit terminal as the plane from Pennsylvania arrived. The passengers trickled out one by one. I could tell before I saw her when she was coming - the look on the passengers’ faces as they came out said it all. They'd just beheld three of the sexiest bodies on the planet, and had gotten a death stare from an ice queen for it.
As she came into view, I really took in what a crime it was to hide the kind of looks she had. He hair was cut short in an easy maintenance bob of blonde hair. She wasn't wearing any makeup - though, in fairness, with her looks, she didn't need it. Still, what she did need was a smile - that scowl of hers could cut glass from 30 paces. She was wearing a loose pullover, a pair of sweatpants and a heavy coat, just leaving the view of this angry blob-shaped woman perpetually scowling at everyone.
Her daughters were a far lovelier sight. A redhead, a brunette and a black haired beauty. The sight of their wildly clashing hair colours might have made people question if they were adopted, but just from looking at their faces and bodies you could tell they were wall Holly's daughters. Those same beautiful lips, those same crystal blue eyes, those same blushing cheeks and long lashes, that same beauty that didn't need any makeup to accentuate it. But thankfully, instead of an icy stare, their faces seemed to bring happiness and joy to those around them, each of them radiating with a seemingly angelic warmth and affection of innocence.
But if their faces were innocent, their bodies were anything but. Though not the extreme hourglass of their mother and her sister, they had a jaw-dropping figure that was only accentuated by the fact that each of them clearly wasn't wearing a bra beneath their dresses, their abundant titflesh, though with no cleavage on display, still seeming to jiggle in unison as they walked. Their enormous knockers seemed to almost hang over their flat, thin stomachs, which in turn flared outwards to a staggering pair of hips, which flowed down their long legs to each wearing a pair of stiletto heels, which made a lovely clicking noise as all three ran up to me.
The trio wrapped their arms around my torso, each of their huge breasts rubbing against my hard muscle. “Hi Timmy. Look how much you’ve grown.”

“I could say the same to you” Each had filled out gloriously since we had last seen each other. The three giggled, their voices music to my ears.
A music that was abruptly cut off as Holly reached us. "Hello sis, thank you for letting us stay with you", she said as if she was determined to not put anything other than the words into her obligated gratitude. "Now, let’s get to your place, I need to unpack. What are the sleeping arrangements?"
The cab ride back home was pure torture. Holly had insisted on riding up front, leaving me sandwiched just behind her between Kate and my mother. With my huge frame and their magnificent bodies, the end result was that I was constantly feeling their amazing tits rubbing along my arm, the end result being that all three of us were unbearably horny - I could see Angela and Kate's nipples tenting their shirts, and could practically smell the juices dripping from their shaved, panty-less pussies. I had to use every bit of willpower I could muster to try and psyche my monster member soft, to stop my erection just tearing through my pants. I desperately wanted to tell the driver to pull over so I could just fuck Kate's sweet cunt on the hood or let Angela give me a combo titjob and blowjob till I poured an extra thick load down her throat, in full view of everyone - to show the people on the street what kind of man I was, and to show my aunt and cousins what sort of pleasure I could give a woman.
When we finally arrived home and got all the clothes inside - an easy task with my muscles - I lugged my aunts bags up to my room, where she would be staying. She had made a face when my mom had told her she would be staying in my room, clearly expecting she would have been put up in luxury.
Luckily for her I barely slept in my room at all anymore. My nights found me in either Kate or my mother's room, pounding their slits with my nearly 2 foot monster till my cock was their whole world. All I had to do was move my clothes downstairs to get it ready for her.
I came back down for my cousins suitcases. They objected, of course, saying they didn’t want to make me do all the work, but I could see how their eyes lingered on my bulging muscles as I easily carried their heavy suitcases upstairs to Kate's room. They never once let me out of their sight, following me closely, their praise coming thick and heavy. “Timmy, you’re so strong.” “I’ve never seen a man with muscles as big as you.” “Daddy couldn’t even move one of our suitcases”
My cousins are identical triplets in almost everything except their hair color. They talk alike, dress alike, they do everything together. They even have a habit of talking in unison, or in sequence, finishing each other's sentences. A lot of people found it annoying, but I always thought it was a cool trick, and when we were younger I used to spend time listening to them talk like that and trying to figure out how each knew what their sisters were thinking.
As we got into Kates Room and I lightly placed the luggage down, carefully trying not to break anything, I turned to see Jess closing the door. Diana and Lara both sat on the triple bed we’d set up for them, and motioned for me to sit beside them. I acquiesced, with Jess sitting beside me.
Diana spoke first. “Timmy, do you remember the last time we saw each other?”
I grinned. I was wondering if they had remembered that. The last time we had seen each other, years ago, the girls had pulled me aside to show me a porno magazine. Healthy teenage girls that they were, they had been fascinated by the stuff, and wanted to share what they had discovered with me. They turned to a page spread of a trio of stacked blondes giving a triple handjob to a pornstar. I remember they told me that this must have been the biggest, longest cock on earth. I snorted. Even back then I was bigger than this guy, and I told the girls about it.. They laughed, but when they saw I was serious, they a look, half skeptical, and half filled with awe. They asked me how big. Thanks to my habit of measuring myself, I gave them it exactly - 13 inches long and 9 inches around. They told me it was impossible, no man could be that big. They said that they’d worship any man who had a cock that big - so young, and already size queens who knew what they loved, They asked me - no, they begged me - to show it to them. This was a first for me, I’d always thought my cousins were outrageously hot, and had never imagined they’d all be pleading with me to show them my cock.
I was ready to slip my pants off and show it to them, when Holly had come into the room, seen the open porno magazine, and screamed. She said I was corrupting her pure innocent girls, she said that my mother had raised a little rapist, and stormed out of our lives for years. Before they left, they told me they would search for a man that big to see if I was lying to them. That was the last I ever heard from them.
You could cut the erotic tension in the room with a knife. I began to smell the dripping juices of all three of my cousins - though damned if even their pussyjuice didn’t smell identical - and could see their hard nipples poking out through the thin material of their dresses. They remembered it just as I did.
“Yeah, I remember.” I said, giving a knowing smile. Tempted as I was to get down to fucking my three new love slaves, I wanted to play this cool.
“Well, since that time, we’ve been looking hard-”

“-or rather, looking for something hard-”
“-that’s as big as you said. No matter where we looked. We never ever found a guy who was bigger than 13 inches.”

“So I guess what we’re saying, Timmy,”
“Is that you’re the man we want to worship.”
My smile turned into a wolfish grin. “Well, girls, you met one man with a cock bigger than 13 inches”
The three turned to each other, at first not understanding, before a look of understanding and joy came to each of their faces.
“Timmy, are you-”
“-saying what we-”
“-think you’re saying?
“I guess I’ll have to prove it.” I got off the bed, turning to the girls, and began a slow, seductive strip, pulling off my shirt to reveal by 12 pack washboard abs and hard pecks. The girls cooed and groaned watching me, as I undid my belt and zipped open my fly.
At that precise moment the door opened, and I felt my blood run cold in my veins. I turned, expecting to see the death glare of the ice queen before her shriek - only to be relieved that it was my mother.
The girls were less relieved, practically falling over each other. “Angela!” “We can explain!” “Please don’t tell mom!”
She shushed them calmly. “It’s alright girls, I completely understand. It’s impossible for a woman to resist Timmy.” She bit her lip as she turned her gaze to me, as I relaxed, easing my zipper down further. “Timmy, honey, you know I’d love to join these girls in sucking and fucking your monster prick till you hose us down, but we can’t right now. Holly is probably wondering where the four of you are, especially after last time.”

“But mom-”

“You can’t have my, or any of their butts right now, or Holly could blow a fuse. She’s really sensitive and this could really damage her right now. Just resist for a little longer, Timmy.”

I wanted to argue, or even to just whip out my cock and let it do the debating for me. But I couldn’t say no to her when she gave me that pleading look. This was really important to my mom. I pulled on my shirt and practically ran out the door, through the hallway to the shower.
I tore off my clothes and threw myself into a cold shower. It had been a year and a half since I'd felt this kind of teasing and cock blocking my cousins and aunt were providing without being able to get release. I looked down at my flared crimson helmet, staring straight back up at me, my two heavy, bloated, hairless testicles hanging beneath it halfway to my knees. It just wouldn't wilt, even with the cold water running down it.
Out of options, I had no choice but to do something I hadn't needed to do for myself for ages. I grasped my length in my hands, furiously rubbing with foot long strokes, trying to cum. I closed my eyes, imagining all my lovers, masturbating for me, urging me to cum, to cover them in my seed...
I heard a creak, and a gasp. I opened my eyes, looking to the door, but saw no-one there - my cousins must have been watching the show and seen just what I meant by bigger than 13 inches. I returned to the matter at hand, picturing the three of them in my wank fantasies, all the things I wanted to do with them, but no matter what I did or how long I stroked, I simply couldn't cum. Nonstop sex with eager beautiful women day in day out for years must have made me unable to cum just from jacking myself off. While that's a problem so many other men would die to have, I was finding it out at the worst possible time.
Later that night, I lay on the couch, tossing and turning. I could hear them upstairs, giggling and soft moaning coming from Kate's room. I had seen the way she was looking at Jessica, Lara and Diana at dinner - there was no doubt, the four of them were upstairs in a torrid lesbian tryst. My mother likely joining them under the excuse of tucking them all in - though more tucking her tongue into all of them. Or leaning back, letting 8 talented hands and 4 skillful tongues lick every inch of her beautiful body. Or forming a delightful daisy chain. Or-
Fuck. I gritted my teeth. So I was left alone to suffer as my overactive gonads seemed to throb. There was no way this could work, I couldn't survive any longer like this. I thought through my options.
Maybe I should just barge into Kate's room and join their little orgy, and fuck what my aunt thought. If she would deny me being with my mom, my sister, and my three beautiful cousins, then she could find somewhere else to stay, cause the man was putting his foot down on this.
But I couldn't just throw her out, she's family....
I could just go next door to either Mayu, the uber stacked orange haired japanese beauty, or Gwen and Faye, the equally bosomy mother and daughter pair, making their husbands watch as I revealed how much the women in their lives worshipped my rod. Ugh, just the thought of doing that was making my cock even harder.
I eventually managed to ignore the soft moans coming from upstairs, closed my eyes and managed to fall asleep.
I was dressed in a suit of armor, glittering steel, in a lush, beautiful dense forest. Through a clearing, I could hear moans and cries. Clanking loudly, I ran towards the sound.
In a grove was a cage constructed of tightly wound thorny vines. Inside, the fairest princesses of the land, and the high queen with them. Each in their finest, skimpiest attire, that best showed off their tits and asses. They held each other as they cried out.
"Oh stud knight, you must help us! We were trapped here by an evil force who is making us go without orgasm. Please save us!"
"My queen! Rest assured, I shall give you all the orgasms each of you need in but a moment" I drew my sword, a longsword most men would need two hands to carry, but it was like a rapier in my grip. I swung and slashed at the vines, but as I hacked, they grew back before my very eyes!
"Such evil! Locking away princesses beyond a big thick cock they crave - what kind of fiend would do such a thing?"
The queen answered me. "It is my sister, brave knight. We tried to rescue these three princesses from the cage to help them reunite with you, but we were captured by the evil witch, and thrown in alongside them!"
"As they deserve! " Came a voice from behind me
I turned and faced her. The witch was a mirror image of the queen - that same breathtaking beauty, luscious bosom and flawless behind, but while my queen’s face always displayed her love for all, the witch held a snarl of bitterness and cruelty. She wore a pointed hat, and a black dress that clung to her curves like a second skin.
"No man can ever best me, in battle or in bed, so I shall take all women who are more easily satisfied as my prisoner until a man arises who can satisfy me in both!" They shall be here till the end of time."
I snarled. "Free these women, witch, for I am that man."
"Hah! You say you can best me, but your puny weapons are no match for my magic." With a click of her fingers, I felt my sword rust away in my hands, as my armor fused solid, trapping me within.
"I am the only weapon I require!" I flexed my mighty muscles, exploding out of my armor, and my undergarments, leaving me naked as Adam. The princesses all squealed with lust, and my queen pulled her skirt up to pleasure her pussy in appreciation for the sight before her. Even the witch was struck dumb, not believing what she was seeing.
Using her confusion, I gripped at her dress, tearing it like tissue paper, leaving her as naked as I, and grabbing her in my arms, pulling her in for a kiss, long and passionate. I felt her melt into my arms.
"I have bested you in combat, witch. Now see how much better I am at lovemaking!"
“Do as you will, you horse hung knave” she spat out, as she melted into my arms, the venom she had laced her words with before replaced by pure lust.
I pushed her to her knees, filling her vision with my cock, as she began sucking on it hungrily, passionately, furiously titwanking all my inches that she could not swallow. "How do the pussies of all the most beautiful maidens of the kingdom taste, oh witch?"
"Gluk-gluk-Gluk!" Was her only reply as I forced more and more of my 22 inch python down her tight throat. Oh I needed this so bad. It was exquisite, feeling a passionate woman sucking on my cock again, hungrily trying to milk my cum. It was a feeling like no other...wait...a feeling?
The forest, the princesses, the thorny cage, all melted away as I woke up. Everything but the hungry pair of dick sucking lips wrapped around my tool. Shit, she was good.
She didn't notice I had awoken - my cock was her whole world. In the dark, I couldn't make her out. Then, a beam of moonlight played across her face.
It was my aunt.

I had a million questions, but right now they took a backseat to letting her suck my teenage mega-dong and give me the release I needed. She had 7 inches of cock down her gullet already, her hands running up and down my mammoth stalk outside her lips. She pulled back til only my mango sized head was still in  her mouth, licking over it, savoring the supremely masculine taste, before she took more and more down her throat. A foot. 13 inches. 15 inches. 17 inches, till she stopped at 19 inches. I had never had a  woman take so much of my cock down her  throat, and couldn’t help myself. My hand flew to her head, keeping her stuck on my cock, as I groaned, letting out a blast of precum bigger than a lifetime supply for most men, straight into her belly. The pleasure of feeling my meat pulse in her throat, unloading my pre deep, seemed to trigger an orgasm in her, before she realised what was happening, her eyes shooting open and looking straight at me.

“Hey there.” I flashed her a cocky grin.

She jerked her head back, and I relented on holding her head down, feeling my cock slide past her lips, til it exited with a wet pop.

“Timmy! I-I can explain.”

“Explain why you were sucking the biggest fattest cock in the world? That’s easy, Holly. It’s just natural for a beautiful woman like you to want to service a massive cock.”

She dropped her gaze to the floor. “I-I’m not a slut.” She said as a thick rope of my precum dropped from her lips to her negligee covered tits.

I extended a finger just under her beautiful face, pulling her chin up to look me in the eye. “Then why were you down here deepthroating your own nephew's cock?”

She looked terrified, even as her hands continued to subconsciously stroke my thick stalk. For a supposed not-slut, she sure seemed to be great at handling my monster cock.

Finally, she relented. “Well, you see, its about Uncle Jeffrey.”

“Short guy, limp dick, no business having a woman like you to himself, do go on.”

“Jeffrey had always told me he had a big penis. He said the reason our sex life always seemed under satisfying was I just didn’t know how to please him. I thought if I learned to please a big penis better, it might reignite the spark to our marriage. Then I remembered that magazine I took off you and the girls years ago. I had kept it all this time, and finally, I looked at it.. It was filled with things I had never imagined, of women who looked just like me worshipping cocks almost 4 times bigger than Jeffrey's cock.”

I snorted. I guess I was right about my shrimp dicked uncle.

“I was amazed by what I saw. I went online and looked up even more images and videos. I saw more and more big cock young studs making love to stacked older women.  I couldn't stop watching them, these women who were cumming and cumming and cumming on big, thick cocks, getting more pleasure than Jeffreys little cock had ever given me. I spent hours watching them. Then, there was an ad telling me to buy what it called the biggest dildo ever. I couldn’t resist, I had to have it. The day it arrived, it was amazing, it was how I always thought I’d feel on my wedding day. As I slid it out of the packaging, I brought it up to my lips, just like I’d seen all those girls in those videos. I let it past my lips, letting that thick, hard thing just fill up my mouth, sliding down my throat, it was amazing.”

I bit my lip. I wanted to let her keep going, what she was saying was the steamiest thing I had ever heard, but I could feel my cock throbbing in impatient arousal at her words.

“I learned to do everything the women in those videos did for that dildo. I’d deep throat it, lick around its head, slide it between my breasts, it made me feel like such a filthy girl. And one day, I wanted to see how it felt somewhere else. I came out of the shower, and I saw it on the bed, and my pussy got the same wet itchy feeling that I felt every time I saw it. I knew a good woman shouldn’t do things like that, but..but I…”

“You masturbated with a big fat dildo.” I said through clenched teeth, resisting the urge to lift her up and pound her cunt hard.

She looked startled, forgetting that the rest of me existed and she wasn’t just talking to my cock. She nodded. “It was wonderful. Jeffrey always told me it was impossible for a woman to cum, but that Dildo made me feel amazing. It was so incredible, I didn’t notice anything until I saw Jeffrey stunned in our bedroom door.

“He ripped the dildo out of me and called me a slut and a whore.” She sniffed. “Then he threw it in the fire and said that I should be burned along with it for being such a slut.” She closed her eyes, tears trickling down her nose.

I felt awful. I got up and held her in my strong arms, letting her cry on my biceps. “Shh, shh, its okay. Its okay. Its not true, you’re not a slut, Jeffrey was wrong, you’re just a perfectly healthy woman.”

Her voice was shaking. “H-how can you say that when I’m here touching my own nephews p-penis?”

“It's alright, Holly. A lot of women are just like you, and find a huge cock irresistible. And when you see one this big, it's just natural that you’d want it. There’s no problem there, it's just nature. A fit and healthy female like you naturally wants to be with the biggest, strongest male around. It was wrong for Jeffrey to think he could control you that way.”

She looked up, craning her neck back to look me in the eye. This gave me a great view straight down her cleavage of her nightgown. “Really?”

I gave her a reassuring smile. “Of course. You’ve done nothing wrong - just obeying the laws of nature. Now, do go on.”

“Well, after that, Jeffrey threw me and the girls out. He said he didn’t even believe me they were his children. So I had nowhere to go but here. I thought my life was over. I had been thrown out of my own home, and watched the only thing that ever made me cum melt in front of my very eyes. But then I…I saw something I shouldn’t have….”
Ah, so that was the identity of my shower spy. Ah well, one mystery solved.

“I saw your big hard teenage bull cock in the shower, and I just couldn’t control myself, I had to have some. And when I came down, you were there, and your big thick cock was so hard, I- I just…”

She trailed off, her eyes once more glued to my cock, lost in her silent worship of my organ.

“Let nature take its course.“ I finished for her. “But it seems I interrupted you.” I let go of her and stood back, turning on the living room lights, then I took her by the hand and pulled her into my embrace, as understanding and arousal crept onto her face.“ So how about we get back to the natural order of things?”

With lightning fast reflexes, I pulled away at the silk belt around her robe, leaving her standing there, completely nude. She yelped, her hands moving to cover her pussy and breasts. I held her arms, her struggling in my grip like a butterfly before a jet engine, before she relented and let me look her over. I let out an impressed whistle.

“Damn, your body is amazing, Holly. Every bit as hot as my mom’s”.

“Timmy, how do you know what…”

“Like I said, it’s natural for a beautiful big titted woman to want to fuck the biggest cock on earth. Speaking of which,” I gripped my rod at midpoint and gave it a few quick tugs to draw her eyes. “I was rather enjoying that blowjob you were giving me.”

She all but lept at my rod, her hands and lips frantically pleasing every square inch they could get near. With my height, she couldn’t get comfortable, so I sat back on the couch so she could easily get on her hands and knees to continue her ministrations.

Her saliva had dried off my rod, so she went right back to work licking over every square inch of my rod with her soft, wet tongue. She also used her huge jugs to slide my rod around, smearing her drool over more and more of my beast, before she was satisfied and stood up to better angle herself. She started passionately kissing my cumslit as I let loose a stream of pre for her to gobble up gratefully.

She drank deeply, before pulling up to show me her bare mouth. “Timmy, look, I managed to drink down all of your cum.”

I had to stifle a laugh. “Sorry, Holly, but it takes far more than that for me to get off. You only tasted my pre-cum.”

She was shocked. “But-but that’s impossible. That load must have been a hundred times more than Jeffrey had ever come in our marriage.”

“Yep, my balls do make a lot of it. But that was still just my pre. I’m afraid just you alone aren’t going to be enough to get me off.”

Her eyes fell, crestfallen. Oh shit, better steer it back right. “It’s alright, you’ve got one of the best mouths I’ve ever felt. It’s just that no one woman is enough for me. Lucky for us,” I gave her a wicked grin. “There are 5 other size queens right upstairs.”

I could tell there was a spark of lust within fire at the idea, but old habits were dying hard in her. “No, no please Tim, not the girls, they’re not like me, they’re innocent.”

“All three were nearly begging me to show them my massive cock a few hours ago. They’ve been looking for a huge cock just like you have, and all three of them want it just as much as you do.”

Her hands kept wanking my rod even as she bit her lip. “But...but should I really-”

I silenced her. “A mother always wants what’s best for her daughters, and you know that’s what’s best for them is to experience the pleasure of being fucked by the biggest, longest, thickest cock in the world. It’s just nature.”

Her eyes were glued to my rod at this point, and I knew I had her, even before she nodded. I picked her up in my arms, cradling her body to mine, as we set off upstairs to bring the whole family together in mutual love

Story by Piltheser

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