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11/06: I am not adding any more pics to this entry but I am working on the game. I just don't want to give out too much before it's finished. The code is totally ready and I have managed to add animations, sounds and clicker games... Did a few more animations this week, scene with the aunt is finished and the others are progressing...
03/06: A few more pics in this entry with sprites added too.
15/03: Also an update to the characters' gallery (entry further down) with a dropbox link to download them all in one go.
Just to let you know I'm working on making some kind of visual novel game using Ren'Py (free software for making this kind of stuff) called "Morning Lust". So I'm battling with Daz Studio AND Ren'Py at the moment, getting to grips with both of them. It will be basic, nothing fancy with inventory or "quest", just good ole plain f*cking... You play a horse-hung boy (based on Ryan's character) and you have to shag every member of your family. Really heavy intellectual stuff.
Here are a few screenshots so far to give you an idea.

Bonus pic showing how strong Ryan is: 1100kg at the gym without a sweat...

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