Breeding and Impregnation Comics #4

Hito no Ashi yori Hebi no Ashi Miyo | Watch Out Where You Put Your Own Snake

Jako is your average schoolgirl with a crush, except that she is also a Lamia. This bookwormish snake girl is far too shy to let her professor know that she wants to mate with him, but after a little naughty examination her animal instincts come out in full force. Cute and straight to the juicy details.

 Shundou no Kokoro | Fluttering Heart

A professor marries his lovely student, but one day she contracts a mysterious disease that slowly turns her body into that of an anthropomorphic insect. His struggle with how his marriage suffers and discovering who has truly been changing makes for a love story that has more depth than your average manga porno.

Zettai Jusei Ukeoinin Niigaki Nobou | Total Inseminator Contractor Nobou Aragaki

Now this one is a bit of an oddity as far as netorare goes. A young couple lives in a world where most men cannot ejaculate. Being sterile, the government has selected various 'contractors' to go around inseminating the ladies. In typical netorare fashion the contractor guy is a bit homely, but an amazing fucker that renders the lady into a sexual stupor. But in uncommon fashion the story has a happy ending for the original couple. So that's nice in my book!

Summer Porn
The title doesn't really describe the ritualistic monster-mating story very well. Every year, a woman is selected from the beach-dwellers to act as a 'sacrifice' to the monsters of the sea. This covenant requires ten days of constant, mind-blowing sex - but more than that, for her to become a cumslut breeding slave of monsters. Pregnancy is swift and the pleasurable mind-break is very real in this raunchy piece.

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