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Lover Impregnating Me

Slow-motion is usually not really my cup of tea, but in this particular case it is rather enthralling. A woman riding her man with smooth motions and a somewhat hypnotic soundtrack playing as the lusty nymph gets her fertile twat plastered and stuffed with sperm. Juicy!

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Larkin Love is quite the actress. Among many I have seen, she ranks among the best I've yet encountered for dirty talk. As a fellow teaser and pleaser in the realm of aural fixations, I'm envious! Plus she has an absolutely gorgeous face, a very attractive attitude, and absolutely giant tits - all pluses in many books I am certain! Who wouldn't want to knock up this sultry vixen?

Ahhh, such a round and wanting slut... I'd say she was in heat if not for the huge, eight or nine month belly she has on her! That would't stop me from trying to impregnate her though, not while she waves her supple ass about and rubs that tremendous stomach. I'm sure this horny bitch wouldn't mind the attempt!

I am pretty sure at some point I posted this creative pornish scenario before, but in any case it is one I've rather enjoyed thinking about. Setup is an innocent, naive teen whose Daddy is in the KKK tries to sell magazines to a group of black men. No realizing the irony, the black guys decide to seduce and fuck her straight, dumping their hot loads into her pale snatch to 'Make her Daddy proud in nine months'. Ridiculous as it is, it makes for fun impregnation porn!

This amateur clip has been subtitled with a very naughty scenario that I just love. She's a 22-year old slut who has already been knocked up twice. Though this little MILF-in-heat should be keeping her fertile cunt as far away from bare dick as possible, she simply can't help herself. They fuck, and as the text progresses it tells of a woman whose lust gets the better of her. She realizes she'll have baby #3 on the way only after it is too late to turn back!

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