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Creampie Seeding the Pregnant Wife
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You can't get much more amateur than a fuck video shot on a smartphone that is askew for most of the showing. Still, the charm of amateur is that it is closer to real fucking than other porn you'll find, and this has its hot moments in it for certain!

Aussie Blonde Gets Inseminated
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No story, just sex. But it helps that our Aussie girl is one of the breathy types who doesn't so much moan as just breathe deeper and deeper as she gets her bare twat invaded with cock. Of course she gets a creampie down under, and I'm sure that's exactly what she wanted.

Pregnant Fantasies: Free Latina Porn Video 19
This is an older video that is basically all just shoddy acting and pregnant sex. I suppose that's alright since who cares much about the plotline when there's rotund lovelies getting their pregnant pussies pounded? What it lacks in quality it has in quantity.

Interracial Breeding - Fuck Me, Give me your Sperm
So, we have a jerk-off instruction from a sex-fiend of a UK girl, dirty talking about getting fucked by black cock. She refers to the audience as the black guy she's trying to seduce and breed with, and she strips and plays with herself in typical JOI fashion. I always appreciate long-form dirty talk - would be fun to have a chat with this girlie I imagine!

On Your Last Day In Vegas, You Creampie Willow
There's a whole series of these kinds of 'virtual date' videos, and I think they are rather cute - in a hardcore breeding sort of way! It is sort of the opposite of the Gonzo zoom-in-on-pussy stuff you see in lots of raunchy flicks. The camera focuses a lot on the girl's face and moves about in an almost softcore-porn sort of way even though the action is full-on fucking. It's pretty nice overall, and definitely worth checking out if you're in a more cute-sex sort of mood.

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