Welcome to Digital Queens. On this blog, you will find digital girls displayed in Softcore and hardcore pictorials. On the left menu, you can  either choose the girl or the kind of pictorial (Hardcore or softcore). The Bio section goes deeper in the girls stories. Every three monthes, the season queen is elected and runs every year for the Digital Queen award. Season and year Queens shoot extra hardcore pictorials. News on Queen contests can be found in the news section.

All the girls displayed, specially teens and fairies are supposed to be 18 years old or upper. I try to fulfill a wide range of different fantasies. So you will find different morphologies and  ages (teens, MILFs, slender or chubby girls), ethnic babes (ebony, asians), unnatural (fairies and elves, but sorry, no wings and no elvish ears), hairy and shaved models, big and small breasts,

The softwares I mainly use are DAZ 3D and Luxrender for the renders, The Gimp for the postwork. 3D models are all purchased or found on free resources sections of those websites:  DAZ 3D, Renderosity, Renderotica, Runtime DNAShareCG.

Comments and support are of course welcome.

Now, please find downhere the latest of Digital Queens, and enjoy.
Ongoing polls

Winter Queen 2017 
Double stuffed teen 3

Last 3 Softcore pictorials

http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2017/06/alsacienne.html http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2017/05/roman-bath.html http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2017/05/athinas-pier.html            
Last 3 Hardcore pictorials

http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2017/05/double-stuffed-teens-2-carmen.html http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2017/03/double-stuffed-teen-1-lindsay.html http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2017/01/hollywood-confidential-patrick-and.html         

Last 3 girls Bios

http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2017/05/athina-bio.html http://digiqueens.blogspot.fr/2013/05/candice-storm.html                

Last 3 compilations


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